Words containing spott

6 letter words containing spott

  • spotty — full of, having, or occurring in spots: spotty coloring.

7 letter words containing spott

  • spotted — Radio, Television. pertaining to the point of origin of a local broadcast. broadcast between announced programs.
  • spotter — a person employed to remove spots from clothing, especially at a dry-cleaning establishment.
  • spottie — a young deer of up to three months of age

8 letter words containing spott

  • spotting — the hobby of watching for and noting particular examples of something, such as birds, numbers or types of trains, buses, etc

9 letter words containing spott

  • -spotting — -spotting combines with nouns to form nouns which describe the activity of looking out for things such as birds or trains as a hobby.
  • spottable — a rounded mark or stain made by foreign matter, as mud, blood, paint, ink, etc.; a blot or speck.
  • unspotted — having no spots or stains; without spots; spotless: an unspotted breed of dog; unspotted trousers.

10 letter words containing spott

11 letter words containing spott

  • spottedness — the state, condition or quality of being spotted

12 letter words containing spott

  • bird-spotter — a bird-watcher
  • trainspotter — A trainspotter is someone who is very interested in trains and spends time going to stations and recording the numbers of the trains that they see.

13 letter words containing spott

14 letter words containing spott

  • train-spotting — (of a train enthusiast) the activity of going to train stations and recording the numbers of trains

15 letter words containing spott

  • trainspotterish — obsessed with trivial details, esp of a subject generally considered uninteresting

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