Words containing sid

3 letter words containing sid

  • sid — Gaius [gey-uh s] /ˈgeɪ əs/ (Show IPA), (or Caius) [key-uh s] /ˈkeɪ əs/ (Show IPA), Julius, c100–44 b.c, Roman general, statesman, and historian.

4 letter words containing sid

  • asid — American Society of Interior Designers
  • csid — character set identifier
  • psid — pounds per square inch, differential
  • sida — any plant of the Queensland hemp genus Sida
  • side — one of the surfaces forming the outside of or bounding a thing, or one of the lines bounding a geometric figure.

5 letter words containing sid

  • aside — If you move something aside, you move it to one side of you.
  • desid — (zoology) Any member of the Desidae.
  • hasid — a member of a sect founded in Poland in the 18th century by Baal Shem-Tov and characterized by its emphasis on mysticism, prayer, ritual strictness, religious zeal, and joy. Compare Mitnagged.
  • mysid — any member of the malacostracan order Mysidacea, the opossum shrimps, especially of the genus Mysis.
  • resid — the residual oil left over from the petroleum distillation process

6 letter words containing sid

  • -sided — -sided combines with numbers or adjectives to describe how many sides something has, or what kind of sides something has.
  • a-side — The A-side of a record that has been released as a single is the main song on it. You can also refer to the side of the record that contains this song as the A-side. Compare B-side.
  • apside — (astronomy) An apsis.
  • asides — Plural form of aside.
  • b-side — The B-side of a pop record has the less important or less popular song on it. Compare A-side.

7 letter words containing sid

  • abbasid — any caliph of the dynasty that ruled the Muslim empire from Baghdad (750–1258) and claimed descent from Abbas, uncle of Mohammed
  • airside — the part of an airport nearest the aircraft, the boundary of which is the security check, customs, passport control, etc
  • anapsid — belonging or pertaining to the Anapsida, a subclass of reptiles, extinct except for the turtles, characterized by having no opening in the temporal region of the skull.
  • apsidal — of an apse or apsis
  • apsides — Astronomy. either of two points in an eccentric orbit, one (higher apsis) farthest from the center of attraction, the other (lower apsis) nearest to the center of attraction.

8 letter words containing sid

  • abbassid — a member of the dynasty of caliphs that ruled Baghdad ( a.d. 750-1258) and claimed descent from Mohammed's uncle, Abbas
  • assidean — a member of a sect, characterized by its religious zeal and piety, that flourished in the 2nd century b.c. during the time of the Maccabees and vigorously resisted the Hellenization of Jewish culture and religion.
  • backside — Your backside is the part of your body that you sit on.
  • bankside — the sloping side of any bank
  • basidium — the structure, produced by basidiomycetous fungi after sexual reproduction, in which spores are formed at the tips of projecting slender stalks

9 letter words containing sid

  • alongside — If one thing is alongside another thing, the first thing is next to the second.
  • ambleside — a town in NW England, in Cumbria: a tourist centre for the Lake District. Pop: 3064 (2001)
  • anisidine — (organic compound) Any of three three isomeric forms of the aromatic amine methoxyaniline; they are toxic, and are used in the synthesis of azo dyes and pharmaceuticals.
  • apsidiole — a secondary, or small, apse
  • asiderite — an iron-free meteorite consisting of friable material.

10 letter words containing sid

  • apoapsides — Plural form of apoapsis.
  • blind-side — the part of one's field of vision, as to the side and rear, where one is unable to see approaching objects.
  • blindsided — Sports. to tackle, hit, or attack (an opponent) from the blind side: The quarterback was blindsided and had the ball knocked out of his hand.
  • ceratopsid — a dinosaur belonging to the family Ceratopsidae, characterized by their parrot-like beaks, horns and neck frills
  • clientside — Alternative spelling of client-side.

11 letter words containing sid

12 letter words containing sid

  • aerosiderite — a meteorite which is composed mainly of iron
  • basidiocarps — Plural form of basidiocarp.
  • basidiospore — one of the spores, usually four in number, produced in a basidium
  • cerebrosides — Plural form of cerebroside.
  • co-president — a person who shares the highest position in an organization with another person

13 letter words containing sid

  • -in-residence — appointed to work at, and usually residing at, a given institution, as a college, for a certain period
  • acetanisidine — methacetin.
  • assiduousness — constant; unremitting: assiduous reading.
  • basidiomycete — any fungus of the phylum Basidiomycota (formerly class Basidiomycetes), in which the spores are produced in basidia. The group includes boletes, puffballs, smuts, and rusts
  • basidiospores — Plural form of basidiospore.

14 letter words containing sid

  • aminoglycoside — of or relating to amino sugars in glycosidic linkage.
  • backside-front — backend-to.
  • basidiomycetes — Mycology. any of a group of fungi constituting the phylum Basidiomycota of the kingdom Fungi (or, in older classification schemes, the class Basidiomycetes of the kingdom Plantae), characterized by bearing the spores on a basidium, including the smuts, rust, mushrooms, and puffballs.
  • considerations — Plural form of consideration.
  • disidentifying — Present participle of disidentify.

15 letter words containing sid

16 letter words containing sid

  • pseudo-isidorian — of or relating to the collection of documents of the 9th century a.d. that consist chiefly of the Decretals, attributed to Isidore, archbishop of Seville, a.d. 600–36, and that were rejected as spurious in the 15th century.
  • state-subsidized — partly paid for by the state; subsidized by the state

17 letter words containing sid

  • betagalactosidase — any of a family of enzymes capable of liberating galactose from carbohydrates.
  • disidentification — The act of disidentifying, or rejecting a personal or group identity.
  • icosidodecahedron — A semiregular polyhedron with twelve faces that are regular pentagons and twenty that are equilateral triangles.
  • inconsiderateness — without due regard for the rights or feelings of others: It was inconsiderate of him to keep us waiting.
  • misidentification — to identify incorrectly.

18 letter words containing sid

19 letter words containing sid

  • deoxyribonucleoside — a compound composed of deoxyribose and either a purine or a pyrimidine.

23 letter words containing sid

  • icosidodecadodecahedron — A polyhedron having 44 faces, 60 vertices, 120 edges, 12 self intersected faces and 12 nonconvex faces.

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