Words containing sho

4 letter words containing sho

  • shoa — a former kingdom in E Africa: now a province of Ethiopia. 25,290 sq. mi. (65,501 sq. km). Capital: Addis Ababa.
  • shod — a simple past tense and past participle of shoe.
  • shoe — an external covering for the human foot, usually of leather and consisting of a more or less stiff or heavy sole and a lighter upper part ending a short distance above, at, or below the ankle.
  • shog — to shake; jolt.
  • shoo — to drive away by saying or shouting “shoo.”.

5 letter words containing sho

  • basho — a grand tournament in sumo wrestling
  • bisho — a self-governing Bantu territory of South Africa on the Indian Ocean: granted independence in 1981 by South Africa, but not recognized by any other country as an independent state. 3200 sq. mi. (8300 sq. km). Capital: Bisho.
  • nasho — compulsory military training; conscription
  • posho — corn meal
  • shoad — float (def 43).

6 letter words containing sho

  • ashore — Someone or something that comes ashore comes from the sea onto the shore.
  • beshow — a sablefish.
  • bhisho — a town in S South Africa, on the Buffalo River adjacent to King Williams Town; the capital of Eastern Cape, it was formerly the capital of the Ciskei Bantu homeland: it is the centre of a sheep and cattle ranching area with various industries
  • bishop — A bishop is a clergyman of high rank in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches.
  • camsho — crooked

7 letter words containing sho

  • airshot — aircheck
  • airshow — An airshow is an event at which aeroplane pilots entertain the public by performing very skilful and complicated movements with the aircraft in the sky.
  • asshole — If one person calls another person an asshole, they think that person is extremely stupid or has behaved in a stupid way.
  • atishoo — Atishoo is used, especially in writing, to represent the sound that you make when you sneeze.
  • beshout — to shout at or about

8 letter words containing sho

  • airshows — Plural form of airshow.
  • aquashow — an exhibition of swimming and diving, often accompanied by music
  • assholes — Plural form of asshole.
  • bakeshop — Also called bakeshop [beyk-shop] /ˈbeɪkˌʃɒp/ (Show IPA). a baker's shop.
  • birdshot — small pellets designed for shooting birds

9 letter words containing sho

  • aftershow — a party held after a public performance of a play or film
  • aldershot — a town in S England, in Hampshire: site of a large military camp. Pop: 58 170 (2001)
  • almshouse — Almshouses are houses in Britain which were built and run by charities to provide accommodation for poor or old people who could not afford to pay rent.
  • angashore — a miserable person given to complaining
  • antishock — designed to reduce the force of impact

10 letter words containing sho

  • aftershock — Aftershocks are smaller earthquakes which occur after a large earthquake.
  • almshouses — Plural form of almshouse.
  • alongshore — close to, by, or along a shore
  • antishocks — antishock
  • archbishop — In the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican Churches, an archbishop is a bishop of the highest rank, who is in charge of all the bishops and priests in a particular country or region.

11 letter words containing sho

12 letter words containing sho

  • bean-shooter — peashooter.
  • bishop's-cap — any of a genus (Mitella) of small woodland plants of the saxifrage family, with two-lobed seedcases shaped like a bishop's hat
  • clotheshorse — a frame on which to hang laundry for drying or airing
  • dishonesties — Plural form of dishonesty.
  • dishonorable — showing lack of honor or integrity; ignoble; base; disgraceful; shameful: Cheating is dishonorable.

13 letter words containing sho

14 letter words containing sho

  • archbishoprics — Plural form of archbishopric.
  • composite-shot — Also called composite shot. Movies, Television. a type of process photography in which two or more shots are juxtaposed and projected simultaneously on the screen.
  • cover-shoulder — a type of blouse worn in Ghana
  • electroshocked — Simple past tense and past participle of electroshock.
  • foreshortening — Fine Arts. to reduce or distort (parts of a represented object that are not parallel to the picture plane) in order to convey the illusion of three-dimensional space as perceived by the human eye: often done according to the rules of perspective.

15 letter words containing sho

  • antishoplifting — designed to prevent shoplifting
  • comparison-shop — to compare prices and quality of competing merchandise.
  • culture-shocked — a state of bewilderment and distress experienced by an individual who is suddenly exposed to a new, strange, or foreign social and cultural environment.
  • droste-hulshoff — Annette Elisabeth Freiin von [ah-net-uh ey-lee-zah-bet frahy-in fuh n] /ɑˈnɛt ə eɪˈli zɑˌbɛt ˈfraɪ ɪn fən/ (Show IPA), 1797–1848, German poet.
  • foreshortenings — Plural form of foreshortening.

16 letter words containing sho

  • broad-shouldered — having broad shoulders
  • dishonorableness — The property of being dishonorable.
  • off-the-shoulder — not covering the shoulder
  • round-shouldered — having the shoulders bent forward, giving a rounded form to the upper part of the back.
  • sex-and-shopping — (of a novel) belonging to a genre of novel in which the central character, a woman, has a number of sexual encounters, and the author mentions the name of many up-market products

17 letter words containing sho

  • dishonourableness — Alternative spelling of dishonorableness.
  • narrow-shouldered — having shoulders which do not extend very far from the neck; not broad-shouldered
  • square-shouldered — having the shoulders held back, giving a straight form to the upper part of the back.

26 letter words containing sho

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