Words containing shi

4 letter words containing shi

  • shia — a member of one of the two great religious divisions of Islam that regards Ali, the son-in-law of Muhammad, as the legitimate successor of Muhammad, and disregards the three caliphs who succeeded him.
  • shim — a thin slip or wedge of metal, wood, etc., for driving into crevices, as between machine parts to compensate for wear, or beneath bedplates, large stones, etc., to level them.
  • shin — the 13th letter of the Arabic alphabet.
  • ship — a romantic relationship between fictional characters, especially one that people discuss, write about, or take an interest in, whether or not the romance actually exists in the original book, show, etc.: popular ships in fan fiction.
  • shit — excrement; feces.

5 letter words containing shi

  • dashi — a clear stock made from dried fish and kelp
  • ishim — a river in Kazakhstan and W Siberia, Russia, flowing NW and NE to the Irtysh River. 1130 miles (1818 km) long.
  • kashi — a city in W Xinjiang Uygur, in extreme W China.
  • kishi — Nobusuke [naw-boo-soo-ke] /ˌnɔ bʊˈsu kɛ/ (Show IPA), 1896–1987, Japanese statesman: premier 1958–60.
  • moshi — a city in N Tanzania.

6 letter words containing shi

  • akashi — a city on W Honshu, in Japan.
  • arshin — a Russian unit of length equal to 28 inches (71 cm).
  • ashier — Comparative form of ashy.
  • bushie — a supporter of US President George W. Bush or a member of his administration
  • fishie — (childish) diminutive of fish; alternative spelling of fishy.

7 letter words containing shi

  • airship — An airship is an aircraft that consists of a large balloon which is filled with gas and is powered by an engine. It has a section underneath for passengers.
  • akashic — Of or pertaining to akasha.
  • apeshit — (slang) Out of control due to anger or excitement.
  • banshie — (in Irish folklore) a spirit in the form of a wailing woman who appears to or is heard by members of a family as a sign that one of them is about to die.
  • bashing — a crushing blow.

8 letter words containing shi

  • abashing — Present participle of abash.
  • air-ship — to send or ship via aircraft: to air-ship machine parts overseas.
  • airships — Plural form of airship.
  • allyship — The role or status of being an ally.
  • amidship — in or toward the middle part of a ship or aircraft; midway between the ends.

9 letter words containing shi

  • adminship — The role of an administrator; administratorship.
  • ambushing — an act or instance of lying concealed so as to attack by surprise: The highwaymen waited in ambush near the road.
  • amidships — Amidships means halfway along the length of a ship.
  • arhatship — the state of having achieved enlightenment, which is the ultimate goal of Theravada Buddhists
  • backshift — The changing of a present tense in direct speech to a past tense in reported speech (or a past tense to pluperfect).

10 letter words containing shi

  • abolishing — Present participle of abolish.
  • about-ship — to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack
  • aedileship — the office of an aedile, or the duration of an aedile's term of office
  • airmanship — the skill or art of flying an aircraft
  • anguishing — excruciating or acute distress, suffering, or pain: the anguish of grief.

11 letter words containing shi

  • admonishing — to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
  • advisership — the office or post of an adviser
  • air-shipped — to send or ship via aircraft: to air-ship machine parts overseas.
  • airbrushing — Present participle of airbrush.
  • apostleship — the position or duty of an apostle

12 letter words containing shi

  • athwartships — from one side to the other of a vessel at right angles to the keel
  • attorneyship — The office or profession of an attorney.
  • bachelorship — the state of being a bachelor; bachelorhood
  • backslashing — Present participle of backslash.
  • bashi-bazouk — a member of the notoriously brutal 19th-cent. Turkish irregulars

13 letter words containing shi

  • aberdeenshire — a council area and historical county of N Scotland, on the North Sea: became part of Grampian Region in 1975 but reinstated as an independent unitary authority (with adjusted borders) in 1996: rises to the Grampian and Cairngorm Mountains in the SW: chiefly agricultural (esp sheep and stock raising). Administrative centre: Aberdeen. Pop: 229 330 (2003 est). Area 6319 sq km (2439 sq miles)
  • accomplishing — Present participle of accomplish.
  • admonishingly — in an admonishing manner
  • assistantship — a graduate post which requires the student to carry out some teaching duties in return for financial assistance
  • associateship — to connect or bring into relation, as thought, feeling, memory, etc.: Many people associate dark clouds with depression and gloom.

14 letter words containing shi

  • accountantship — the occupation or post of an accountant
  • ambassadorship — a diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative (ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary)
  • anticensorship — opposed to a policy or programme of censoring
  • apprenticeship — Someone who has an apprenticeship works for a fixed period of time for a person who has a particular skill in order to learn the skill. Apprenticeship is the system of learning a skill like this.
  • assistantships — Plural form of assistantship.

15 letter words containing shi

  • academicianship — A membership in a national academy of arts or sciences.
  • ambassadorships — Plural form of ambassadorship.
  • anti-censorship — the act or practice of censoring.
  • apprenticeships — Plural form of apprenticeship.
  • buckinghamshire — a county in SE central England, containing the Vale of Aylesbury and parts of the Chiltern Hills: the geographic and ceremonial county includes Milton Keynes, which became an independent unitary authority in 1997. Administrative centre: Aylesbury. Pop (excluding Milton Keynes): 478 000 (2003 est). Area (excluding Milton Keynes): 1568 sq km (605 sq miles)

16 letter words containing shi

  • acquaintanceship — a person known to one, but usually not a close friend.
  • clackmannanshire — a council area and historical county of central Scotland; became part of the Central region in 1975 but reinstated as an independent unitary authority in 1996; mainly agricultural. Administrative centre: Alloa. Pop: 47 680 (2003 est). Area: 142 sq km (55 sq miles)
  • commissionership — The role or office of commissioner.
  • craftspersonship — The body of activities, skills, techniques, knowledge, and expertise pertinent to (a) particular craft(s).
  • entrepreneurship — The art or science of innovation and risk-taking for profit in business.

17 letter words containing shi

18 letter words containing shi

  • inter-relationship — reciprocal relation.
  • kirkcudbrightshire — a historic county in SW Scotland.
  • prime-ministership — the principal minister and head of government in parliamentary systems; chief of the cabinet or ministry: the British prime minister.
  • self-extinguishing — to put out (a fire, light, etc.); put out the flame of (something burning or lighted): to extinguish a candle.

20 letter words containing shi

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