Words containing sg

2 letter words containing sg

  • sg — specific gravity

3 letter words containing sg

  • csg — constructive solid geometry
  • ksg — Knight of the Order of St Gregory the Great (a Papal honorary title)
  • msg — a white, crystalline, water-soluble powder, C 5 H 8 NNaO 4 ⋅H 2 O, used to intensify the flavor of foods.
  • nsg — nonstatutory guidelines: practical nonmandatory advice and information on the implementation of the National Curriculum
  • psg — phrase-structure grammar

4 letter words containing sg

  • iesg — Internet Engineering Steering Group
  • irsg — Internet Research Steering Group
  • msgr — Msgr is a written abbreviation for Monsignor.
  • msgt — Master Sergeant
  • rsgb — Radio Society of Great Britain (amateur radio operators)

5 letter words containing sg

  • misgo — to go the wrong way
  • sghwr — steam-generating heavy-water reactor
  • sgram — Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory

6 letter words containing sg

  • ansgarSaint ("Apostle of the North") 801–865, French Benedictine priest and missionary: patron saint of Scandinavia.
  • asgard — the dwelling place of the principal gods, the Aesir
  • lisgarSir John Young, 1807–76, Canadian political leader: governor general 1869–72.
  • msg.84 — (language)   A language for the functional specification and module design phases of the software life cycle, first presented in Berzins and Gray's 1985 paper. Not unlike PDL.
  • msggui — (library)   A graphical user interface for GNU Smalltalk. The msgGUI package contains the basics for creating window applications in the manner available in other graphical Smalltalk implementations. Version 1.0 of the library was by Mark Bush, ECS, Oxford University, UK.

7 letter words containing sg

  • busgirl — a waiter's assistant
  • disgest — Obsolete form of digest.
  • disgown — to remove a gown from (esp in a religious or academic sense)
  • disgust — to cause loathing or nausea in.
  • glasgow — Ellen (Anderson Gholson) [gohl-suh n] /ˈgoʊl sən/ (Show IPA), 1874–1945, U.S. novelist.

8 letter words containing sg

  • cosgrave — Liam (ˈliːəm). born 1920, Irish statesman; prime minister of the Republic of Ireland (1973–77)
  • csg-tree — (graphics)   (Or "status tree"?) An approach used in ray tracing to evaluate constructive solid geometry structures.
  • disgavel — to free from the tenure of gavelkind: to disgavel an estate.
  • disgests — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of disgest.
  • disgorge — to eject or throw out from the throat, mouth, or stomach; vomit forth.

9 letter words containing sg

  • almsgiver — a person who gives alms
  • ansgarius — Latin name of Ansgar.
  • ausgleich — the agreement (1867) that established the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary
  • cisgender — of or relating to a person whose gender identity corresponds to their assigned birth gender
  • diosgenin — a crystalline compound, C 27 H 42 O 3 , the aglycone of dioscin: used in the synthesis of steroidal hormones, as of progesterone.

10 letter words containing sg

  • almsgiving — the making of charitable donations, giving alms
  • asgeirsson — Asgeir [ahs-gair] /ˈɑs gɛər/ (Show IPA), 1894–1972, Icelandic statesman: president 1952–68.
  • bromsgrove — a town in W central England, in N Worcestershire. Pop: 29 237 (2001)
  • diphosgene — a colorless liquid, C 2 Cl 4 O 2 , usually derived from methyl formate or methyl chloroformate by chlorination: a World War I poison gas now used chiefly in organic synthesis.
  • disgarnish — to remove garnish or furnishings from

11 letter words containing sg

  • disgarrison — To deprive of a garrison.
  • disgavelled — freed from gavelkind
  • disgraceful — bringing or deserving disgrace; shameful; dishonorable; disreputable.
  • disgracious — Lacking grace; not pleasing; disagreeable.
  • disgruntled — displeased and discontented; sulky; peevish: Her disgruntled husband refused to join us.

12 letter words containing sg

  • billingsgate — the largest fish market in London, on the N bank of the River Thames; moved to new site at Canary Wharf in 1982 and the former building converted into offices
  • chhattisgarh — a state of E central India, created from the SE part of Madhya Pradesh in 2000: consists of a hilly plateau, with extensive forests; agricultural. Capital: Raipur. Pop: 20 795 956 (2001). Area: 135 194 sq km (52 199 sq miles)
  • crossgrained — Alternative form of cross-grained.
  • disgavelling — the act or quality of being without gavelkind
  • disgorgement — The act of disgorging, particularly in the legal sense.

13 letter words containing sg

14 letter words containing sg

15 letter words containing sg

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