8-letter words containing sd

  • bethesda — a pool in Jerusalem reputed to have healing powers, where a paralysed man was healed by Jesus (John 5:2)
  • bsd unix — Berkeley Software Distribution
  • disdaine — Obsolete spelling of disdain.
  • disdains — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of disdain.
  • domesday — doomsday.
  • doomsday — the day of the Last Judgment, at the end of the world.
  • drysdale — Sir George Russell. 1912–81, Australian painter, esp of landscapes
  • evesdrop — Archaic form of eavesdrop.
  • hinsdale — a city in NE Illinois, near Chicago.
  • lansdale — a city in SE Pennsylvania.
  • mesdames — a plural of madam.
  • misdated — Simple past tense and past participle of misdate.
  • misdates — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of misdate.
  • misdeeds — Plural form of misdeed.
  • misdight — to mismanage or treat badly
  • misdoing — A misdeed.
  • misdoubt — doubt or suspicion.
  • misdrawn — to cause to move in a particular direction by or as if by a pulling force; pull; drag (often followed by along, away, in, out, or off).
  • misdread — a fear or dread of evil
  • misdrive — to drive or guide badly
  • newsdesk — the department of a newspaper, television, etc., that writes, edits, or releases news, especially late-breaking news or important bulletins.
  • ruisdael — Jacob van [yah-kawp vahn] /ˌyɑ kɔp vɑn/ (Show IPA), 1628?–82, Dutch painter.
  • ruysdael — Jacob van [yah-kawp vahn] /ˌyɑ kɔp vɑn/ (Show IPA), 1628?–82, Dutch painter.
  • teasdaleSara, 1884–1933, U.S. poet.
  • thursday — the fifth day of the week, following Wednesday. Abbreviation: Th., Thur., Thurs.
  • tuesdays — every Tuesday; on Tuesdays: Tuesdays I work at home.
  • unwisdom — lack of wisdom; folly; rashness; recklessness: an act of unwisdom.

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