Words containing sabe

4 letter words containing sabe

  • sabe — sense or savvy

5 letter words containing sabe

  • saber — a heavy, one-edged sword, usually slightly curved, used especially by cavalry.

6 letter words containing sabe

  • isabel — a female given name.
  • sabean — of or relating to Saba.

7 letter words containing sabe

  • isabela — a city in NW Puerto Rico.
  • sabeans — of or relating to Saba.
  • sabella — a marine worm of the family Sabelliae
  • saber-c — Renamed to CodeCenter.

8 letter words containing sabe

  • dowsabel — sweetheart.
  • isabella — ("the Catholic") 1451–1504, wife of Ferdinand V: queen of Castile 1474–1504; joint ruler of Aragon 1479–1504.
  • isabelle — (theory, tool)   A generic theorem prover with support for several object-logics, developed by Lawrence C. Paulson <[email protected]> in collaboration with Tobias Nipkow at the Technical University of Munich. A system of type classes allows polymorphic object-logics with overloading and automatic type inference. Isabelle supports first-order logic - constructive and classical versions; higher-order logic, similar to Gordon's HOL; Zermelo Fränkel set theory; an extensional version of Martin Löf's type theory, the classical first-order sequent calculus, LK; the modal logics T, S4, and S43; and Logic for Computable Functions. An object logic's syntax and inference rules are specified declaratively allowing single-step proof construction. Proof procedures can be expressed using "tactics" and "tacticals". Isabelle provides control structures for expressing search procedures and generic tools such as simplifiers and classical theorem provers which can be applied to object-logics. Isabelle is built on top of Standard ML and uses its user interface. Mailing list: [email protected]

9 letter words containing sabe

  • bethsabee — Bathsheba.
  • elisabeth — a feminine name
  • sabellian — a member of a group of early Italian peoples including the Samnites and Sabines.

10 letter words containing sabe

  • lightsaber — a type of sword, as depicted in the fictional Star Wars universe, with a blade made of laser energy that can both cut and burn: The Jedi knight drew his lightsaber and prepared to defend himself.

11 letter words containing sabe

12 letter words containing sabe

  • sabermetrics — (used with a singular verb) the computerized measurement of baseball statistics.

13 letter words containing sabe

  • saber-toothed — having long, saberlike upper canine teeth, sometimes extending below the margin of the lower jaw.

14 letter words containing sabe

  • saber-rattling — a show or threat of military power, especially as used by a nation to impose its policies on other countries.
  • sabermetrician — (used with a singular verb) the computerized measurement of baseball statistics.

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