Words containing runn

5 letter words containing runn

  • brunn — German name of Brno.
  • runny — tending to run or drip: a runny paste.

6 letter words containing runn

  • runnel — a small stream; brook; rivulet.
  • runner — a person, animal, or thing that runs, especially as a racer.

7 letter words containing runn

  • brunner — Emil [ey-meel] /ˈeɪ mil/ (Show IPA), 1889–1966, Swiss Protestant theologian.
  • corunna — La Coruña
  • running — an act or instance, or a period of running: a five-minute run before breakfast.
  • runnion — a woman
  • trunnel — a wooden pin that swells when moist, used for fastening together timbers, as those of ships.

8 letter words containing runn

  • -running — -running combines with nouns to form nouns which refer to the illegal importing of drugs or guns.
  • runnable — to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk and in such a manner that for an instant in each step all or both feet are off the ground.
  • trunnion — either of the two cylindrical projections on a cannon, one on each side for supporting the cannon on its carriage.

9 letter words containing runn

  • gunrunner — A person engaged in the illegal sale or importing of firearms.
  • nonrunner — a person who does not run regularly or train in the manner of an athlete or professional runner
  • outrunner — a person or thing that runs ahead or outside.
  • rerunning — to run again.
  • rumrunner — a person or ship engaged in smuggling liquor.

10 letter words containing runn

  • baserunner — a baseball player in the act of running around bases
  • brunnhilde — the heroine of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelungs. Compare Siegfried.
  • forerunner — predecessor; ancestor; forebear; precursor.
  • gun-runner — A gun-runner is someone who takes or sends guns into a country secretly and illegally.
  • gunrunning — the smuggling of guns or other ammunition into a country.

11 letter words containing runn

12 letter words containing runn

  • drug-running — the activity of illegally taking recreational drugs into a country
  • front-runner — In a competition or contest, the front-runner is the person who seems most likely to win it.
  • frontrunners — Plural form of frontrunner.
  • frontrunning — the practice by market makers of using advance information provided by their own investment analysts before it has been given to clients
  • hand-running — in unbroken succession; consecutively.

14 letter words containing runn

  • smooth-running — operating in a flowing and effective manner, without difficulties or obstructions

15 letter words containing runn

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