Words containing rrhoe

7 letter words containing rrhoe

  • -rrhoea — (in pathology) a discharge or flow

9 letter words containing rrhoe

  • diarrhoea — If someone has diarrhoea, a lot of liquid faeces comes out of their body because they are ill.
  • otorrhoea — a discharge from the ears
  • pyorrhoea — Pathology. a discharge of pus.

10 letter words containing rrhoe

  • diarrhoeal — Standard spelling of diarrheal.
  • gonorrhoea — a contagious, purulent inflammation of the urethra or the vagina, caused by the gonococcus.
  • logorrhoea — (British spelling) Standard form of logorrhea.
  • menorrhoea — menstrual flow.
  • seborrhoea — an excessive and abnormal discharge from the sebaceous glands.

11 letter words containing rrhoe

  • amenorrhoea — abnormal absence of menstruation
  • diarrhoetic — Alternative form of diarrhetic.
  • gonorrhoeal — Alternative spelling of gonorrheal.
  • leucorrhoea — a white or yellowish discharge of mucous material from the vagina, often an indication of infection
  • logorrhoeic — Alternative form of logorrheic.

12 letter words containing rrhoe

  • amenorrhoeic — absence of the menses.
  • blennorrhoea — an excessive discharge of watery mucus, esp from the urethra or the vagina
  • rhinorrhoeal — of or relating to rhinorrhoea
  • steatorrhoea — the presence of excess fat in the stools, usually caused by disease of the pancreas or intestine, and characterized by chronic diarrhea and weight loss.

13 letter words containing rrhoe

14 letter words containing rrhoe

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