Words containing ptero

6 letter words containing ptero

  • ptero- — wing, feather, or a part resembling a wing
  • pteron — (in a classical temple) a colonnade parallel to, but apart from, the cella.

7 letter words containing ptero

8 letter words containing ptero

  • -pterous — indicating a specified number or type of wings
  • apterous — (of insects) without wings, as silverfish and springtails
  • dipteron — a dipterous insect.
  • dipteros — (in ancient Greece) a building with a double colonnade on all sides
  • hapteron — a structure by which a fungus, aquatic plant, or algae colony attaches to an object; a holdfast.

9 letter words containing ptero

  • dipterous — Entomology. belonging or pertaining to the order Diptera, comprising the houseflies, mosquitoes, and gnats, characterized by a single, anterior pair of membranous wings with the posterior pair reduced to small, knobbed structures.
  • pterosaur — any flying reptile of the extinct order Pterosauria, from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, having the outside digit of the forelimb greatly elongated and supporting a wing membrane.

10 letter words containing ptero

  • hemipteron — Alternative form of hemipteran.
  • isopterous — belonging or pertaining to social insects of the order Isoptera, comprising the termites.
  • monopteron — a classical building having a single outer colonnade surrounding a central structure or a courtyard.
  • monopteros — monopteron.
  • tripterous — three-winged; having three wings or winglike expansions.

11 letter words containing ptero

  • coleopteron — a member of a large order of insects having the front wings modified as hard wing-cases, and comprising the beetles and weevils
  • dipterocarp — A tall forest tree from which are obtained resins and timber for the export trade, occurring mainly in Southeast Asia.
  • eurypteroid — of, relating to or resembling a eurypterid or eurypterids
  • hemipterous — belonging or pertaining to the Hemiptera, an order of insects having forewings that are thickened and leathery at the base and membranous at the apex, comprising the true bugs.
  • homopterous — belonging or pertaining to the Homoptera, an order of insects closely related to the hemipterous insects (in some classifications a suborder of Hemiptera) but having membranous forewings and hind wings, including the aphids, cicadas, leafhoppers, planthoppers, and scale insects.

12 letter words containing ptero

13 letter words containing ptero

  • aphanipterous — of or relating to the wingless insects of the order Aphaniptera
  • brachypterous — having very short or incompletely developed wings
  • heteropterous — belonging or pertaining to the Heteroptera, in some classifications a suborder of hemipterous insects comprising the true bugs.
  • hymenopterous — belonging or pertaining to the Hymenoptera, an order of insects having, when winged, four membranous wings, and comprising the wasps, bees, ants, ichneumon flies, and sawflies.
  • lepidopterous — belonging or pertaining to the Lepidoptera, an order of insects comprising the butterflies, moths, and skippers, that in the adult state have four membranous wings more or less covered with small scales.

14 letter words containing ptero

  • dipterocarpous — (of a tree) belonging to the genus Dipterocarpus or the family Dipterocarpaceae
  • orthopterology — the study of the Orthoptera
  • siphonapterous — belonging or pertaining to the insect order Siphonaptera, comprising the fleas.
  • strepsipterous — belonging or pertaining to the order Strepsiptera, comprising minute insects that are closely related to the beetles, the twisted-winged male being free-living and the wingless female parasitic in various insect hosts.
  • thysanopterous — of or relating to the Thysanoptera genus of insects which are characterized by fringed wings

15 letter words containing ptero

17 letter words containing ptero

  • dipterocarpaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Dipterocarpaceae, a family of trees chiefly native to tropical SE Asia, having two-winged fruits. Many species yield useful timber and resins
  • lepidopterologist — One who studies lepidopterology.

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