Words containing pter

5 letter words containing pter

  • apter — inclined; disposed; given; prone: too apt to slander others.
  • upter — of poor quality; in disrepair

6 letter words containing pter

  • copter — A copter is a helicopter.
  • nipter — a religious ceremony of foot washing
  • pterin — any of a group of substances which occur naturally as insect pigments
  • ptero- — wing, feather, or a part resembling a wing
  • pteron — (in a classical temple) a colonnade parallel to, but apart from, the cella.

7 letter words containing pter

  • adapter — a person or thing that adapts
  • adopter — person who adopts a child
  • apteral — (esp of a classical temple) not having columns at the sides
  • apteria — one of the featherless portions of the skin of a bird.
  • apteryx — kiwi

8 letter words containing pter

  • -pterous — indicating a specified number or type of wings
  • accepter — a person or thing that accepts.
  • adapters — Plural form of adapter.
  • adopters — Plural form of adopter.
  • apterium — a bare patch on the skin of a bird between the feathered pterylae

9 letter words containing pter

  • accepters — Plural form of accepter.
  • attempter — One who attempts.
  • chapteral — of or pertaining to a chapter
  • chaptered — a main division of a book, treatise, or the like, usually bearing a number or title.
  • chiropter — an animal of the order Chiroptera; a bat

10 letter words containing pter

  • alipterion — (in an ancient Roman bath) a room for anointment.
  • apterygial — (of eels, certain insects, etc) lacking such paired limbs as wings or fins
  • apterygote — belonging or pertaining to the Apterygota, a subclass of primitive wingless insects that undergo little or no metamorphosis.
  • coleoptera — the largest order in the animal kingdom; the beetles
  • disrupters — Plural form of disrupter.

11 letter words containing pter

  • aminopterin — a derivative of pterin used in chemotherapy
  • anisopteran — belonging or pertaining to the suborder Anisoptera, comprising the dragonflies.
  • caryopteris — any of various shrubs with small blue or white flowers of the genus Caryopteris, all found in S and E Asia
  • chiropteran — of, relating to, or belonging to the Chiroptera, an order of placental mammals comprising the bats
  • coleopteral — of or relating to the Coleoptera

12 letter words containing pter

  • amethopterin — (now rare) Methotrexate.
  • archeopteryx — A specimen of the species Archaeopteryx lithographica, being the earliest and most primitive known bird, representing a transition in the evolution of dinosaurs to birds.
  • chapterhouse — the building attached to a cathedral, collegiate church, or religious house in which the chapter meets
  • chiropterans — Plural form of chiropteran.
  • coleopterans — Plural form of coleopteran.

13 letter words containing pter

  • aphanipterous — of or relating to the wingless insects of the order Aphaniptera
  • archaeopteryx — any of several extinct primitive birds constituting the genus Archaeopteryx, esp A. lithographica, which occurred in Jurassic times and had teeth, a long tail, well-developed wings, and a body covering of feathers
  • brachypterous — having very short or incompletely developed wings
  • heteropterous — belonging or pertaining to the Heteroptera, in some classifications a suborder of hemipterous insects comprising the true bugs.
  • hymenopterans — Plural form of hymenopteran.

14 letter words containing pter

15 letter words containing pter

  • actinopterygian — belonging or pertaining to the Actinopterygii, a group of bony fishes.
  • chiropterophily — Pollination by bats.
  • crossopterygian — any bony fish of the subclass Crossopterygii, having fleshy limblike pectoral fins. The group, now mostly extinct, contains the ancestors of the amphibians
  • lepidopterology — the branch of zoology dealing with butterflies and moths.
  • malacopterygian — belonging or pertaining to the Malacopterygii (Malacopteri), a group of soft-finned, teleost fishes.

16 letter words containing pter

  • acanthopterygian — of, relating to, or belonging to the Acanthopterygii, a large group of teleost fishes having spiny fin rays. The group includes most saltwater bony fishes
  • actinopterygians — Plural form of actinopterygian.
  • crossopterygians — Plural form of crossopterygian.
  • macrolepidoptera — a collector's name for that part of the lepidoptera that comprises the butterflies and the larger moths (noctuids, geometrids, bombycids, springtails, etc): a term without taxonomic significance
  • microlepidoptera — a collector's name for the smaller moths: a term without taxonomic significance

17 letter words containing pter

  • acanthopterygians — Plural form of acanthopterygian.
  • dipterocarpaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Dipterocarpaceae, a family of trees chiefly native to tropical SE Asia, having two-winged fruits. Many species yield useful timber and resins
  • lepidopterologist — One who studies lepidopterology.

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