Words containing phyllo

6 letter words containing phyllo

  • phyllo — flaky, tissue-thin layers of pastry used in baked desserts and appetizers.

7 letter words containing phyllo

8 letter words containing phyllo

  • phyllode — an expanded petiole resembling and having the function of a leaf, but without a true blade.
  • phyllody — the abnormal transformation of a floral structure into a foliage leaf.
  • phylloid — leaflike.
  • phyllome — a leaf of a plant.

9 letter words containing phyllo

  • -phyllous — having leaves of a specified number or type
  • aphyllous — (of plants) having no leaves
  • phyllopod — any crustacean of the order Phyllopoda, having leaflike swimming appendages.

10 letter words containing phyllo

  • diphyllous — having two leaves.
  • phylloclad — cladophyll
  • phyllodium — phyllode.
  • phyllotaxy — the arrangement of leaves on a stem or axis.
  • phylloxera — any of several plant lice of the genus Phylloxera, especially P. vitifoliae (grape phylloxera) which attacks the leaves and roots of grapevines.

11 letter words containing phyllo

  • epiphyllous — (of plants) growing on, or attached to, the leaf of another plant
  • phylloclade — a flattened stem or branch having the function of a leaf.
  • phyllomania — the production of leaves in abnormal numbers or places.
  • phyllophore — the terminal bud of a stem, especially of the stem of a palm.
  • phylloplane — the surface of a leaf considered as a habitat, esp for microorganisms

12 letter words containing phyllo

13 letter words containing phyllo

14 letter words containing phyllo

  • chlorophyllous — of or containing chlorophyll.
  • heterophyllous — having different kinds of leaves on the same plant.
  • malacophyllous — (of plants living in dry regions) having fleshy leaves in which water is stored
  • phyllosilicate — any silicate mineral having the tetrahedral silicate groups linked in sheets, each group containing four oxygen atoms, three of which are shared with other groups so that the ratio of silicon atoms to oxygen atoms is two to five.
  • sclerophyllous — Also, sclerophyllous [skleer-uh-fil-uh s] /ˌsklɪər əˈfɪl əs/ (Show IPA). of, relating to, or exhibiting sclerophylly.

15 letter words containing phyllo

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