Words containing phor

5 letter words containing phor

  • ephor — (in ancient Greece) one of five senior Spartan magistrates.

6 letter words containing phor

  • -phore — indicating a person or thing that bears or produces
  • ephors — Plural form of ephor.

7 letter words containing phor

  • alphorn — a wind instrument used in the Swiss Alps, consisting of a very long tube of wood or bark with a cornet-like mouthpiece
  • amphora — an ancient Greek or Roman two-handled narrow-necked jar for oil, wine, etc
  • anaphor — a word or phrase used to refer back to a previous word or phrase
  • biophor — (in Weismann's theory of heredity) a hypothetical particle of the ultimate form of matter
  • camphor — Camphor is a strong-smelling white substance used in various medicines, in mothballs, and in making plastics.

8 letter words containing phor

  • -phorous — bearing, producing
  • alphorns — Plural form of alphorn.
  • amphorae — a large two-handled storage jar having an oval body, usually tapering to a point at the base, with a pair of handles extending from immediately below the lip to the shoulder: used chiefly for oil, wine, etc., and, set on a foot, as a commemorative vase awarded the victors in contests such as the Panathenaic games.
  • amphoral — relating to or resembling an amphora
  • amphoric — resembling the sound produced by blowing into a bottle. Amphoric breath sounds are heard through a stethoscope placed over a cavity in the lung

9 letter words containing phor

  • -phoresis — indicating a transmission
  • adiaphora — matters of indifference
  • aerophore — a device which supplies oxygen in order to aid breathing
  • anaphoral — relating to the prayer of oblation and consecration performed during Holy Communion
  • anaphoras — Plural form of anaphora.

10 letter words containing phor

  • adiaphoron — a thing of indifference
  • androphore — an extension of the receptacle carrying the androecium and the gynoecium, typical of the caper family (Capparidaceae)
  • anthophore — an elongation of the receptacle of a flower between the calyx and corolla
  • aphoristic — of, relating to, or resembling an aphorism
  • aphorizing — Present participle of aphorize.

11 letter words containing phor

  • adiaphorism — a Christian Protestant theological theory that certain rites and actions are matters of indifference in religion since not forbidden by the Scriptures
  • adiaphorous — having no effect for good or ill, as a drug or placebo
  • amphoriskos — a miniature amphora.
  • anaphoresis — the movement of suspended charged particles towards the anode in an electric field
  • anaphorical — of or relating to an anaphora

12 letter words containing phor

13 letter words containing phor

  • anaphorically — referring back to or substituting for a preceding word or group of words: anaphoric reference.
  • camphoraceous — similar to camphor
  • chaetophorous — bearing bristles; setigerous.
  • chromatophore — a cell in the skin of frogs, chameleons, etc, in which pigment is concentrated or dispersed, causing the animal to change colour
  • conidiophores — Plural form of conidiophore.

14 letter words containing phor

  • aphoristically — in an aphoristic manner
  • chondrophorine — relating to chondrophores
  • chromatophores — Plural form of chromatophore.
  • electrophorese — (biochemistry) To carry out electrophoresis on something.
  • euphorbiaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Euphorbiaceae, a family of plants typically having capsular fruits: includes the spurges, the castor oil and cassava plants, cascarilla, and poinsettia

15 letter words containing phor

16 letter words containing phor

  • diphosphorylated — (biochemistry) phosphorylated with two units of phosphoric acid.
  • organophosphorus — Denoting synthetic organic compounds containing phosphorus, especially pesticides and nerve gases of this kind.

17 letter words containing phor

  • dephosphorylation — the removal of a phosphate group from an organic compound, as in the changing of ATP to ADP.
  • dielectrophoresis — Dielectrophoresis is the movement of uncharged particles (= ones with no electrical charge) when a changing electric field is applied.
  • iontophoretically — By means of iontophoresis.
  • organophosphorous — Misspelling of organophosphorus.

18 letter words containing phor

  • hexaphosphorylated — (biochemistry) phosphorylated with six units of phosphoric acid.
  • hyper-metaphorical — a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance, as in “A mighty fortress is our God.”. Compare mixed metaphor, simile (def 1).
  • hyperphosphorylate — To phosphorylate fully.
  • hypophosphorylated — (biochemistry) phosphorylated to a less than normal extent, or less than fully.
  • monophosphorylated — (biochemistry) phosphorylated with a single unit of phosphoric acid.

19 letter words containing phor

20 letter words containing phor

  • microelectrophoresis — any of several techniques for observing, by means of a microscope or an ultramicroscope, the electrophoresis of minute surface particles.
  • photophosphorylation — phosphorylation that utilizes light as a source of energy, as in the formation of ATP from ADP and phosphorus during photosynthesis.

21 letter words containing phor

  • immunoelectrophoresis — a technique for the separation and identification of mixtures of proteins, consisting of electrophoresis followed by immunodiffusion.
  • immunoelectrophoretic — a technique for the separation and identification of mixtures of proteins, consisting of electrophoresis followed by immunodiffusion.
  • thermophosphorescence — thermoluminescence.

26 letter words containing phor

  • organophosphorus-compounds — Biochemistry. any of a variety of organic compounds that contain phosphorus and often have intense neurotoxic activity: originally developed as nerve gases, now widely used as insecticides and fire retardants.

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