Words containing phobe

6 letter words containing phobe

  • -phobe — -phobe or -ophobe occurs in words which refer to someone who has a very strong, irrational fear or hatred of people or things of a particular kind.

8 letter words containing phobe

  • neophobe — One who dislikes new or novel things.
  • zoophobe — a person with a morbid fear of animals

9 letter words containing phobe

  • acrophobe — a person who is abnormally afraid of heights
  • aerophobe — a person who suffers from aerophobia
  • aquaphobe — a person who is abnormally afraid of water
  • cynophobe — A person with cynophobia.
  • genophobe — A person who has a psychological fear of sexual relations or sexual intercourse.

10 letter words containing phobe

11 letter words containing phobe

  • aelurophobe — ailurophobe.
  • ailurophobe — a person who dislikes or is afraid of cats
  • bibliophobe — a person who hates, fears, or distrusts books.
  • chromophobe — a cell that does not take a stain easily
  • francophobe — Also, Francophobic. fearing or hating France, the French people, and French culture, products, etc.

12 letter words containing phobe

  • ailurophobes — Plural form of ailurophobe.
  • arachnophobe — a person who is afraid of spiders
  • germanophobe — a person who hates or fears Germany, Germans, or German culture.
  • gerontophobe — a person who fears or hates old people or the idea of growing old
  • hispanophobe — a person who dislikes Hispanic culture or the Spanish language.

13 letter words containing phobe

14 letter words containing phobe

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