Words containing pathi

6 letter words containing pathi

7 letter words containing pathi

  • -pathia — -pathy (sense 2) -pathy (sense 2a)
  • -pathic — feeling or suffering in a (specified) way or because of a (specified) condition
  • apathia — absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
  • spathic — like spar.

8 letter words containing pathi

  • apathies — absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement.
  • empathic — Showing or expressing empathy.

9 letter words containing pathi

  • empathies — Plural form of empathy.
  • empathise — (British) alternative spelling of empathize.
  • empathize — Understand and share the feelings of another.
  • myopathic — Pertaining to myopathy.
  • naupathia — (medicine) seasickness.

10 letter words containing pathi

  • allopathic — of, relating to, or used in allopathy
  • antipathic — characterized by antipathy
  • cytopathic — of or relating to cytopathy
  • empathised — Simple past tense and past participle of empathise.
  • empathises — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of empathise.

11 letter words containing pathi

  • amphipathic — of or relating to a molecule that possesses both hydrophobic and hydrophilic elements, such as are found in detergents, or phospholipids of biological membranes
  • antipathies — Plural form of antipathy.
  • antipathise — Non-Oxford British standard spelling of antipathize.
  • antipathist — a person feeling antipathy
  • antipathize — (intransitive) To feel or show antipathy.

12 letter words containing pathi

13 letter words containing pathi

  • adenopathies' — enlargement or disease of the glands, especially the lymphatic glands: a patient with prominent adenopathy. See also lymphadenopathy.
  • cardiopathies — Plural form of cardiopathy.
  • enteropathies — Plural form of enteropathy.
  • hydropathical — Alternative form of hydropathic.
  • kinesipathist — someone who uses kinesipathy to treat diseases

14 letter words containing pathi

  • anthropopathic — Of or relating to anthropopathy.
  • hydropathicity — (chemistry) The relative hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity of a compound, especially of an amino acid residue in a protein.
  • idiopathically — In an idiopathic sense or manner.
  • telepathically — communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception.
  • unsympathizing — not sympathizing; not offering sympathy; unsympathetic

15 letter words containing pathi

16 letter words containing pathi

17 letter words containing pathi

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