Words containing pace

4 letter words containing pace

  • pace — a rate of movement, especially in stepping, walking, etc.: to walk at a brisk pace of five miles an hour.

5 letter words containing pace

  • apace — If something develops or continues apace, it is developing or continuing quickly.
  • paced — having a specified or indicated pace (usually used in combination): fast-paced.
  • pacer — a person or thing that paces.
  • pacey — fast, full of action
  • space — the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.

6 letter words containing pace

  • -paced — having a pace as specified
  • espace — (obsolete) Space.
  • spacer — the unlimited or incalculably great three-dimensional realm or expanse in which all material objects are located and all events occur.
  • spacey — spaced-out (def 2).

7 letter words containing pace

  • dispace — to move or travel about
  • myspace — (Internet) One's profile on the MySpace website.
  • outpace — to surpass or exceed, as in speed, development, or performance: a company that has consistently outpaced the competition in sales.
  • paceman — a fast bowler
  • paceway — a racecourse for trotting and pacing

8 letter words containing pace

  • airspace — A country's airspace is the part of the sky that is over that country and is considered to belong to it.
  • carapace — A carapace is the protective shell on the back of some animals such as tortoises or crabs.
  • footpace — walking pace.
  • halfpace — (archaic, architecture) A platform of a staircase where the stair turns back in exactly the reverse direction of the lower flight.
  • midspace — an area between two celestial objects

9 letter words containing pace

  • aerospace — Aerospace companies are involved in developing and making rockets, missiles, space vehicles, and related equipment.
  • backspace — to move a (typewriter carriage) backwards
  • carapaced — (of an animal) having a carapace
  • carapaces — Plural form of carapace.
  • cepaceous — having an onion-like smell or taste

10 letter words containing pace

  • backspaced — Simple past tense and past participle of backspace.
  • backspaces — Plural form of backspace.
  • crawlspace — (in a building) an area accessible by crawling, having a clearance less than human height, for access to plumbing or wiring, storage, etc.
  • cyberspace — In computer technology, cyberspace refers to data banks and networks, considered as a place.
  • drupaceous — resembling or relating to a drupe; consisting of drupes.

11 letter words containing pace

  • battlespace — the area of air, sea, and land that is directly involved in war, often taken to include any technological, environmental, infrastructural, or temporal factors which may be relevant to the success of a mission
  • counterpace — a countermove
  • gopherspace — (networking)   The sum of all files that can be reached using gopher.
  • hackerspace — A place where hackers meet to work on programming and hardware projects together, and to share their knowledge.
  • interspaced — Simple past tense and past participle of interspace.

12 letter words containing pace

  • double-space — to type (text, copy, etc.) leaving a full space between lines: Always double-space a term paper.
  • scolopaceous — (of birds or other animals) like a snipe, a shore bird with a straight beak
  • single-space — to type (copy) on each line space.
  • space-filler — a short article of little or no importance written to fill space in a magazine or newspaper
  • space-saving — that saves space.

13 letter words containing pace

  • thoroughpaced — trained to go through all the possible paces, as a horse.

17 letter words containing pace

  • dipterocarpaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Dipterocarpaceae, a family of trees chiefly native to tropical SE Asia, having two-winged fruits. Many species yield useful timber and resins

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