Words containing outo

6 letter words containing outo

  • bouton — the enlarged part of a nerve fibre or cell which facilitates contact between nerves
  • mouton — sheepskin that has been processed to resemble another fur, especially seal or beaver.

7 letter words containing outo

  • crouton — Croutons are small pieces of toasted or fried bread that are added to soup just before you eat it.

8 letter words containing outo

  • croutons — Plural form of crouton.
  • shoutout — A shoutout is a public greeting to a named person, especially on the radio or on television.

9 letter words containing outo

  • boutonné — reserved or reticent
  • moutonnee — noting or pertaining to a rock formation having a rounded outline like the back of a sheep, resulting from glacial action. Compare roche moutonnée.
  • outoffice — an outbuilding
  • routously — in a routous manner

11 letter words containing outo

  • boutonniere — a flower or flowers worn in a buttonhole, as of a lapel
  • outorganize — to overcome by organization

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