Words containing out

3 letter words containing out

  • out — away from, or not in, the normal or usual place, position, state, etc.: out of alphabetical order; to go out to dinner.

4 letter words containing out

  • bout — If you have a bout of an illness or of an unpleasant feeling, you have it for a short period.
  • dout — Obsolete spelling of doubt.
  • gout — an acute, recurrent disease characterized by painful inflammation of the joints, chiefly those in the feet and hands, and especially in the great toe, and by an excess of uric acid in the blood.
  • lout — an awkward, stupid person; clumsy, ill-mannered boor; oaf.
  • out- — You can use out- to form verbs that describe an action as being done better by one person than by another. For example, if you can outswim someone, you can swim further or faster than they can.

5 letter words containing out

  • about — You use about to introduce who or what something relates to or concerns.
  • bouts — a contest or trial of strength, as of boxing.
  • chout — an amount obtained by blackmail equal to a quarter, originally applied to the amount obtained by the Mahrattas in India from their territories in exchange for protection from pillage
  • clout — If you clout someone, you hit them.
  • couta — a type of traditional wooden sailing boat, originally used for fishing

6 letter words containing out

  • agouta — a Haitian rodent, Solenodon paradoxus
  • agouti — any hystricomorph rodent of the genus Dasyprocta, of Central and South America and the Caribbean: family Dasyproctidae. Agoutis are agile and long-legged, with hooflike claws, and are valued for their meat
  • agouty — agouti.
  • boutel — boltel (def 1).
  • bouton — the enlarged part of a nerve fibre or cell which facilitates contact between nerves

7 letter words containing out

  • agoutis — Plural form of agouti.
  • all-out — You use all-out to describe actions that are carried out in a very energetic and determined way, using all the resources available.
  • backout — an instance of withdrawing (from an agreement, etc)
  • bailout — A bailout of an organization or individual that has financial problems is the act of helping them by giving them money.
  • blowout — A blowout is a large meal, often a celebration with family or friends, at which people may eat too much.

8 letter words containing out

  • accouter — to outfit; equip, esp. for military service
  • accoutre — to provide with equipment or dress, esp military
  • allmouth — angler (def 3).
  • badmouth — (informal) To criticize or malign, especially unfairly or spitefully.
  • bailouts — Plural form of bailout.

9 letter words containing out

  • accoutred — equipped or dressed in a particular way
  • accoutres — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of accoutre.
  • allmouths — Plural form of allmouth.
  • autoroute — a French motorway
  • bad-mouth — If someone bad-mouths you, they say unpleasant things about you, especially when you are not there to defend yourself.

10 letter words containing out

  • about-face — An about-face is a complete change of attitude or opinion.
  • about-ship — to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack
  • about-turn — An about-turn is the same as an about-face.
  • accoutered — to equip or outfit, especially with military clothes, equipment, etc.
  • accoutring — Present participle of accoutre.

11 letter words containing out

  • accoutering — Present participle of accouter.
  • anacoloutha — Plural form of anacolouthon.
  • arc-boutant — flying buttress.
  • badmouthing — Slang. to speak critically and often disloyally of; disparage: Why do you bad-mouth your family so much?
  • barracoutas — Plural form of barracouta.

12 letter words containing out

  • accouterment — an accoutering or being accoutered
  • accoutrement — Accoutrements are all the things you have with you when you travel or when you take part in a particular activity.
  • anacolouthon — Alternative spelling of anacoluthon (A break in sequence, that occurs when the scheme of a sentence is changed in its course. Incoherence in a sentence.).
  • blabbermouth — a person who talks too much or indiscreetly
  • bristlemouth — any of several small, deep-sea fishes of the family Gonostomatidae, having numerous sharp, slender teeth covering the jaws.

13 letter words containing out

  • accouterments — personal clothing, accessories, etc.
  • accoutrements — all the things you have with you when you travel or take part in a particular activity, such as clothing and equipment
  • adder's-mouth — any of various orchids of the genus Malaxis that occur in all parts of the world except Australia and New Zealand and have small usually greenish flowers
  • boutros-ghali — ˈBoutros (ˈbutroʊs ) ; bo̅oˈtrōs) 1922- ; Egypt. diplomat: secretary-general of the United Nations (1992-96)
  • flannel-mouth — a person whose speech is thick, slow, or halting.

14 letter words containing out

  • down-and-outer — without any money, or means of support, or prospects; destitute; penniless.
  • east-southeast — the point on a compass midway between east and southeast.
  • flannelmouthed — talking thickly, slowly, or haltingly.
  • indoor-outdoor — designed or constructed to be used either indoors or outdoors: indoor-outdoor carpeting.
  • long-drawn-out — lasting a very long time; protracted: a long-drawn-out story.

15 letter words containing out

  • mouthwateringly — In a mouthwatering manner.
  • outdoorsmanship — a person devoted to outdoor sports and recreational activities, as hiking, hunting, fishing, or camping.
  • outstandingness — prominent; conspicuous; striking: an outstanding example of courage.
  • south-southeast — the point on the compass midway between south and southeast.
  • south-southwest — the point on the compass midway between south and southwest.

16 letter words containing out

  • inboard-outboard — Also, outdrive, stern-drive. (of a motorboat) having an inboard engine connected to a maneuverable outboard drive-shaft unit.
  • well-thought-out — produced by or showing the results of much thought: a carefully thought-out argument.

17 letter words containing out

  • youth-and-old-age — a stiff-growing, erect composite plant, Zinnia elegans, of Mexico, having large, solitary flowers with yellow-to-purple disks and usually red rays.

18 letter words containing out

19 letter words containing out

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