Words containing orbi

5 letter words containing orbi

  • orbit — the curved path, usually elliptical, described by a planet, satellite, spaceship, etc., around a celestial body, as the sun.

6 letter words containing orbi

  • corbie — a crow or raven
  • corbin — Margaret (Cochran) 1751–1800, American Revolutionary military heroine.
  • forbid — to command (a person) not to do something, have something, etc., or not to enter some place: to forbid him entry to the house.
  • morbid — suggesting an unhealthy mental state or attitude; unwholesomely gloomy, sensitive, extreme, etc.: a morbid interest in death.
  • orbier — like or pertaining to an orb.

7 letter words containing orbi

  • corbina — a marine food fish, Menticirrhus undulatus, found in Pacific waters off Mexico and California
  • deorbit — to depart deliberately from orbit, usually to enter a descent phase.
  • forbids — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of forbid.
  • orbisonRoy, 1936–88, U.S. rock and roll singer and songwriter.
  • orbital — of or relating to an orbit.

8 letter words containing orbi

  • ascorbic — Of or pertaining to ascorbic acid or its derivatives.
  • comorbid — (of an illness or condition) happening at the same time as another illness or condition
  • corbinas — Plural form of corbina.
  • de-orbit — the act of leaving orbit
  • moorbird — moorfowl.

9 letter words containing orbi

  • absorbing — An absorbing task or activity interests you a great deal and takes up all your attention and energy.
  • adsorbing — Present participle of adsorb.
  • corbicula — pollen basket.
  • deorbited — Simple past tense and past participle of deorbit.
  • euphorbia — A plant of a genus that comprises the spurges.

10 letter words containing orbi

  • co-orbital — noting or pertaining to two or more celestial bodies that share or almost share an orbit.
  • corbiestep — one of a series of steps at the upper end wall of some gables
  • euphorbias — Plural form of euphorbia.
  • euphorbium — an acrid resin obtained from several species of Euphorbia, formerly used in medicine as a purgative and emetic
  • exorbitant — (of a price or amount charged) unreasonably high.

11 letter words containing orbi

  • absorbingly — In an absorbing manner. (First attested in the mid 19th century.).
  • anteorbital — in front of the orbit of the eye
  • comorbidity — the occurrence of more than one illness or condition at the same time
  • corbiculate — having corbiculae or pollen baskets
  • corbie-step — any of a set of steps on the top of a gable

12 letter words containing orbi

13 letter words containing orbi

  • circumorbital — (anatomy) Around the eye.
  • comorbidities — Plural form of comorbidity.
  • contraorbital — of or relating to flight in the orbit of, but in a direction contrary to, a given rocket, ballistic missile, satellite, etc.
  • forbiddenness — a past participle of forbid.
  • morbillivirus — a genus of viruses in the family Paramyxoviridae causing infectious diseases such as measles, distemper, or rinderpest

14 letter words containing orbi

  • euphorbiaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Euphorbiaceae, a family of plants typically having capsular fruits: includes the spurges, the castor oil and cassava plants, cascarilla, and poinsettia

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