Words containing one

3 letter words containing one

  • one — being or amounting to a single unit or individual or entire thing, item, or object rather than two or more; a single: one woman; one nation; one piece of cake.

4 letter words containing one

  • aone — noting a vessel regarded by a shipping-classification society as being equipped to the highest standard and with equipment maintained in first-class condition.
  • bone — Your bones are the hard parts inside your body which together form your skeleton.
  • cone — A cone is a shape with a circular base and smooth curved sides ending in a point at the top.
  • done — past participle of do1 .
  • fone — (obsolete) Plural form of foe.

5 letter words containing one

  • a-one — noting a vessel regarded by a shipping-classification society as being equipped to the highest standard and with equipment maintained in first-class condition.
  • agone — ago; past
  • alone — When you are alone, you are not with any other people.
  • atone — If you atone for something that you have done, you do something to show that you are sorry you did it.
  • axone — Cell Biology. the appendage of the neuron that transmits impulses away from the cell body.

6 letter words containing one

  • agones — (in ancient Greece) a contest in which prizes were awarded in any of a number of events, as athletics, drama, music, poetry, and painting.
  • ancone — an altarpiece, usually consisting of a painted panel or panels, reliefs, or statues set in an elaborate frame.
  • anyone — You use anyone or anybody in statements with negative meaning to indicate in a general way that nobody is present or involved in an action.
  • atoned — to make amends or reparation, as for an offense or a crime, or for an offender (usually followed by for): to atone for one's sins.
  • atoner — to make amends or reparation, as for an offense or a crime, or for an offender (usually followed by for): to atone for one's sins.

7 letter words containing one

  • abalone — Abalone is a shellfish that you can eat and that has a shiny substance called mother-of-pearl inside its shell.
  • acetone — Acetone is a type of solvent.
  • alcyone — the daughter of Aeolus and wife of Ceyx, who drowned herself in grief for her husband's death. She was transformed into a kingfisher
  • almoner — In Britain, an almoner is a social worker who works in a hospital.
  • anemone — An anemone is a garden plant with red, purple, or white flowers.

8 letter words containing one

  • abalones — a large mollusk of the genus Haliotis, having a bowllike shell bearing a row of respiratory holes, the flesh of which is used for food and the shell for ornament and as a source of mother-of-pearl.
  • actioned — Simple past tense and past participle of action.
  • actioner — a film with a fast-moving plot, usually containing scenes of violence
  • aglycone — a chemical compound
  • aidoneus — a king of Thesprotia.

9 letter words containing one

  • abandoned — An abandoned place or building is no longer used or occupied.
  • abandonee — a person to whom something is formally relinquished, esp an insurer having the right to salvage a wreck
  • abandoner — a person or thing that abandons
  • aerophone — any musical instrument in which sound is produced by air vibrations
  • aitchbone — the rump bone or floor of the pelvis in cattle

10 letter words containing one

  • acetonemia — ketonemia.
  • all-in-one — All-in-one means having several different parts or several different functions.
  • ambitioned — sought after, desired
  • amiodarone — a substance, C 25 H 29 I 2 NO 3 , used in the treatment of heart arrhythmias.
  • anglophone — Anglophone communities are English-speaking communities in areas where more than one language is commonly spoken.

11 letter words containing one

  • abandonedly — in an unrestrained manner
  • accordioned — Also called piano accordion. a portable wind instrument having a large bellows for forcing air through small metal reeds, a keyboard for the right hand, and buttons for sounding single bass notes or chords for the left hand.
  • afternooner — a person or thing that appears, flourishes, etc., in the afternoon: One of radio's favorite afternooners is a soap opera.
  • aldosterone — the principal mineralocorticoid secreted by the adrenal cortex. A synthesized form is used in the treatment of Addison's disease. Formula: C21H27O5
  • anticyclone — An anticyclone is an area of high atmospheric pressure which causes settled weather conditions and, in summer, clear skies and high temperatures.

12 letter words containing one

  • a-number-one — noting a vessel regarded by a shipping-classification society as being equipped to the highest standard and with equipment maintained in first-class condition.
  • acetophenone — a colorless liquid, C 8 H 8 O, having a sweet odor: used chiefly as a scent in the manufacture of perfume.
  • aerodonetics — the study of soaring or gliding flight, esp the study of gliders
  • aeroneurosis — a functional disorder of aeroplane pilots characterized by anxiety and various psychosomatic disturbances, caused by insufficient oxygen at high altitudes and the emotional tension of flying
  • androsterone — an androgenic steroid hormone produced in the testes. Formula: C19H30O2

13 letter words containing one

  • anthraquinone — a yellow crystalline solid used in the manufacture of dyes, esp anthraquinone dyes, which have excellent colour properties. Formula: C6H4(CO)2C6H4
  • benzalacetone — benzylidene acetone.
  • betamethasone — a synthetic analogue of a glucocorticoid, C 22 H 29 FO 5 , used in various forms in the treatment of inflammation, allergies, and tumors, and for replacement therapy in adrenal insufficiency.
  • bone-crushing — powerful or constricting enough to crush one's bones: a bone-crushing handshake.
  • butyrophenone — a drug used to treat psychiatric disorders

14 letter words containing one

  • abovementioned — mentioned or written above: The role was sung by the abovementioned Mr. Phillips.
  • accident-prone — tending to have more accidents or mishaps than the average person.
  • aforementioned — If you refer to the aforementioned person or subject, you mean the person or subject that has already been mentioned.
  • aminophenazone — a crystalline compound used to reduce pain and fever. Formula: C13H17N3O
  • beclomethasone — a potent synthetic corticosteroid, C 28 H 37 ClO 7 , prepared as an inhalant in the treatment of bronchial asthma.

15 letter words containing one

  • androstenedione — a weak hormone, C19H26O2, produced by the ovaries, testes, and adrenal glands as a precursor to estrogen, testosterone, etc.: formerly taken in a concentrated tablet or capsule form as by some bodybuilders
  • brachistochrone — the curve between two points through which a body moves under the force of gravity in a shorter time than for any other curve; the path of quickest descent
  • cairngorm-stone — smoky quartz.
  • disproportioned — lack of proportion; lack of proper relationship in size, number, etc.: architectural disproportions.
  • gluconeogenesis — glucose formation in animals from a noncarbohydrate source, as from proteins or fats.

16 letter words containing one

  • amidinohydrazone — any of a group of pesticides, originally developed as antimalarial and antitubercular drugs, that impair cell respiration in cockroaches, red ants, and other insects.
  • bouches-du-rhone — a department of S central France, in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. Capital: Marseille. Pop: 1 883 645 (2003 est). Area: 5284 sq km (2047 sq miles)
  • bred-in-the-bone — firmly instilled or established as if by heredity: the bred-in-the-bone integrity of the school's headmaster.
  • closed-captioned — (of a video recording) having subtitles which appear on screen only if the cassette is played through a special decoder
  • dependency-prone — tending to become psychologically or physiologically dependent on a drug.

17 letter words containing one

  • chalon-sur-saône — an industrial city in E central France, on the Saône River. Pop: 50 124 (1999)
  • chloracetophenone — chloroacetophenone.
  • dihydromorphinone — a narcotic compound, C 17 H 19 O 3 N, prepared from morphine and used chiefly as an analgesic.
  • one-size-fits-all — (of clothing) designed to fit people of a wide range of sizes.

18 letter words containing one

  • chloroacetophenone — a white, crystalline, water-insoluble, poisonous solid, C 8 H 7 ClO, used in solution as a tear gas. Abbreviation: CN.
  • chlorohydroquinone — a white to light-tan, crystalline, water-soluble solid, C 6 H 3 Cl(OH) 2 , used chiefly in organic synthesis and as a developer in photography.
  • fire-and-brimstone — threatening punishment in the hereafter: a fire-and-brimstone sermon.
  • gentleman-commoner — (formerly) a member of a class of commoners enjoying special privileges at Oxford University.
  • glomerulonephritis — a kidney disease affecting the capillaries of the glomeruli, characterized by albuminuria, edema, and hypertension.

19 letter words containing one

  • deoxycorticosterone — a corticosteroid hormone important in maintaining sodium and water balance in the body
  • dihydrotestosterone — (steroid) An androgenic metabolite of testosterone; used to treat certain breast cancers.
  • gentleman-pensioner — (formerly) a gentleman-at-arms.
  • medroxyprogesterone — a progesterone derivative, C 2 4 H 3 4 O 4 , used in the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding and secondary amenorrhea, as a contraceptive of long duration, and in the treatment of certain cancers.
  • phenanthrenequinone — a yellowish-orange, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, C 1 4 H 8 O 2 , used chiefly in organic synthesis and the manufacture of dyes.

20 letter words containing one

  • polyvinylpyrrolidone — a white, amorphous, water-soluble powder, (C 6 H 9 NO) n , used chiefly as a vehicle in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

21 letter words containing one

22 letter words containing one

  • dehydroepiandrosterone — the most abundant steroid in the human body, that is involved in the manufacture of testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone, and corticosterone
  • phenolsulfonephthalein — a bright to dark red crystalline compound, C 1 9 H 1 4 O 5 S, slightly soluble in water, alcohol, and acetone: used as an acid-base indicator and as a diagnostic reagent in medicine.

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