19-letter words containing olog

  • abnormal psychology — the study of behaviour patterns that diverge widely from generally accepted norms, esp those of a pathological nature
  • analytic psychology — the system of psychology developed by C. G. Jung as a variant of psychoanalysis
  • atherton technology — (company)   The comapny that developed the Software BackPlane CASE framework. Their Atherton Tool Integration Services were the basis for the ATIS standard.
  • chronological order — the arrangement of things following one after another in time: Put these documents in chronological order.
  • clinical psychology — the branch of psychology that studies and treats mental illness and mental retardation
  • clinicopathological — of or relating to the combined study of disease symptoms and pathology.
  • criminal psychology — study of criminals' minds
  • dendrochronological — Pertaining to dendrochronology.
  • dendrogeomorphology — (geology) the science that uses dendrochronology to study changes to the Earth's surface over time.
  • electrophysiologist — A physiologist whose speciality is electrophysiology.
  • enabling technology — technology that enables the user to perform a task or to improve his or her overall performance: e.g. the internet
  • frontier technology — innovative or new technology
  • gastroenterological — Of or pertaining to gastroenterology.
  • giovanni da bologna — Giovanni da [jee-uh-vah-nee duh;; Italian jaw-vahn-nee dah] /ˌdʒi əˈvɑ ni də;; Italian dʒɔˈvɑn ni dɑ/ (Show IPA), (Jean de Boulogne; Giambologna) c1525–1608, Italian sculptor, born in France.
  • glottochronological — Of or pertaining to glottochronology.
  • histopathologically — In a histopathological manner.
  • humanist technology — (philosophy)   Technology centered around the interests, needs, and well-being of humans.
  • liberation theology — a 20th-century Christian theology, emphasizing the Biblical and doctrinal theme of liberation from oppression, whether racial, sexual, economic, or political.
  • lucent technologies — (company, telecommunications, Unix)   The former systems and equipment portion of AT&T (including Bell Laboratories), split off in 1996.
  • molecular biologist — a specialist in the study of biological phenomena at the molecular level
  • neuropathologically — In a neuropathologic way.
  • otorhinolaryngology — otolaryngology.
  • paleoanthropologist — the study of the origins and predecessors of the present human species, using fossils and other remains.
  • particle technology — Particle technology is knowledge and study which relates to particles, and is used in industry.
  • pseudopsychological — of or relating to psychology.
  • psychoendocrinology — the study of the relationship between the endocrine system and various symptoms or types of mental illness.
  • psychological novel — a novel that focuses on the complex mental and emotional lives of its characters and explores the various levels of mental activity.
  • psychophysiological — of or relating to psychophysiology.
  • psychotechnological — of or relating to psychotechnology
  • salvage archaeology — the collection of archaeological data and materials from a site in danger of imminent destruction, as from new construction or flooding.
  • social anthropology — study of human culture
  • spaghetti bolognese — Italian dish of pasta and tomato sauce
  • theological virtues — one of the three graces: faith, hope, or charity, infused into the human intellect and will by a special grace of God.
  • wearable technology — a small computer or advanced electronic device that is worn or carried on the body: the trendiest wearable technologies.
  • yourdon methodology — (programming)   The software engineering methodology developed by Edward Yourdon and colleagues in the 1970s and 1980s. "Yourdon methodology" is a generic term for all of the following methodologies: Yourdon/Demarco, Yourdon/Constantine, Coad/Yourdon.

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