14-letter words containing olo

  • additive color — red, green, or blue-violet, as used in the additive process of color photography.
  • aerobiological — Pertaining to aerobiology.
  • aetiologically — etiology.
  • agrostological — of or relating to agrostology
  • agrotechnology — the technology of agriculture, as the methods or machinery needed for efficient production.
  • alveolopalatal — articulated with the blade or front of the tongue approaching or touching the front of the hard palate near its junction with the alveolar ridge; having a primary palatal articulation and a secondary alveolar articulation.
  • amphibological — (rare) of doubtful meaning, ambiguous, quibbling.
  • andorra-prolog — (language)  
  • anesthesiology — the science of anesthesia and anesthetics
  • anthologically — In the manner of an anthology.
  • anthropologist — a person who specializes in anthropology
  • antitechnology — opposed to technology or the use of technological devices
  • apologetically — containing an apology or excuse for a fault, failure, insult, injury, etc.: An apologetic letter to his creditors explained the delay.
  • arachnological — relating to arachnology
  • archaeological — of or relating to archaeology.
  • archaeologists — Plural form of archaeologist.
  • archaeozoology — the analysis and interpretation of animal remains found at archaeological sites
  • astrobiologist — a person who studies astrobiology
  • astrogeologist — a person who studies astrogeology
  • astrolithology — The science of aerolites.
  • astrologically — In an astrological manner.
  • bacteriologist — a branch of microbiology dealing with the identification, study, and cultivation of bacteria and with their applications in medicine, agriculture, industry, and biotechnology.
  • bioarchaeology — the branch of archaeology that deals with the remains of living things
  • bioclimatology — the study of the effects of climatic conditions on living organisms
  • biometeorology — the study of the effect of weather conditions on living organisms
  • carcinological — relating to carcinology
  • characterology — the academic study of character
  • charter colony — a colony, such as Virginia or Massachusetts, created by royal charter under the control of an individual, trading company, etc, and exempt from interference by the Crown
  • chronobiologic — relating to chronobiology
  • chronologizing — to arrange in chronological order.
  • climatological — the science that deals with the phenomena of climates or climatic conditions.
  • climatologists — Plural form of climatologist.
  • coffee-colored — having the medium-brown color of coffee mixed with cream or milk; moderately brown.
  • colombian gold — a potent marijuana grown in South America.
  • colon bacillus — coliform bacillus.
  • colonial goose — an old-fashioned name for stuffed roast mutton
  • color sergeant — a sergeant who has charge of battalion or regimental colors.
  • colorado river — a state in the W United States. 104,247 sq. mi. (270,000 sq. km). Capital: Denver. Abbreviation: CO (for use with zip code), Col., Colo.
  • colorado topaz — a tawny-coloured form of topaz found in Colorado
  • colorblindness — inability to distinguish one or several chromatic colors, independent of the capacity for distinguishing light and shade.
  • coloristically — In terms of, or in relation to, color; in a coloristic way.
  • colour palette — (graphics, hardware)   (colour look-up table, CLUT) A device which converts the logical colour numbers stored in each pixel of video memory into physical colours, normally represented as RGB triplets, that can be displayed on the monitor. The palette is simply a block of fast RAM which is addressed by the logical colour and whose output is split into the red, green and blue levels which drive the actual display (e.g. CRT). The number of entries (logical colours) in the palette is the total number of colours which can appear on screen simultaneously. The width of each entry determines the number of colours which the palette can be set to produce. A common example would be a palette of 256 colours (i.e. addressed by eight-bit pixel values) where each colour can be chosen from a total of 16.7 million colours (i.e. eight bits output for each of red, green and blue). Changes to the palette affect the whole screen at once and can be used to produce special effects which would be much slower to produce by updating pixels.
  • colour printer — a printer that prints in colour on paper
  • colouring book — A colouring book is a book of simple drawings which children can colour in.
  • colourlessness — The state or quality of being colourless.
  • cosmetological — the art or profession of applying cosmetics.
  • cosmetologists — Plural form of cosmetologist.
  • cosmologically — In a cosmological way.
  • cream-coloured — cream in colour
  • criminological — the study of crime and criminals: a branch of sociology.

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