Words containing oi

2 letter words containing oi

  • oi — a type of punk rock featuring violent, racist lyrics, associated especially with skinheads.

3 letter words containing oi

  • boi — a lesbian who adopts a boyish appearance or manner
  • coi — Central Office of Information
  • doi — digital object identifier: a unique set of numbers and letters used to identify material published on the internet
  • foi — freedom of information
  • goi — goy.

4 letter words containing oi

  • boil — When a hot liquid boils or when you boil it, bubbles appear in it and it starts to change into steam or vapour.
  • coif — a close-fitting cap worn under a veil, worn in the Middle Ages by many women but now only by nuns
  • coil — A coil of rope or wire is a length of it that has been wound into a series of loops.
  • coin — A coin is a small piece of metal which is used as money.
  • coir — Coir is a rough material made from coconut shells which is used to make ropes and mats.

5 letter words containing oi

  • aboil — boiling
  • aloin — a bitter crystalline compound derived from various species of aloe: used as a laxative and flavouring agent
  • anoia — extreme mental deficiency.
  • aoide — one of the original three Muses; the Muse of song.
  • aroid — of, relating to, or belonging to the Araceae, a family of plants having small flowers massed on a spadix surrounded by a large petaloid spathe. The family includes arum, calla, and anthurium

6 letter words containing oi

  • adjoin — If one room, place, or object adjoins another, they are next to each other.
  • adroit — Someone who is adroit is quick and skilful in their thoughts, behaviour, or actions.
  • alboin — died 573 ad, king of the Lombards (565–73); conqueror of N Italy
  • algoid — resembling or relating to algae
  • anoint — To anoint someone means to put oil or water on a part of their body, usually for religious reasons.

7 letter words containing oi

  • acaroid — resembling a mite or tick
  • acetoin — a yellowish, pleasant-smelling liquid, C 4 H 8 O 2 , obtained from various carbohydrates, as glucose, by fermentation: used chiefly in the manufacture of flavors and essences.
  • acyloin — an organic compound containing a hydroxyl group attached to a carbonyl group
  • adenoid — of or resembling a gland
  • adjoint — a generalization in category theory of this notion

8 letter words containing oi

  • abattoir — An abattoir is a place where animals are killed in order to provide meat.
  • aboideau — a dyke with a sluicegate that allows flood water to drain but keeps the sea water out
  • achroite — the colorless or white variety of tourmaline, often used as a gem.
  • actinoid — having a radiate form, as a sea anemone or starfish
  • acupoint — any of the specific points on the body where a needle is inserted in acupuncture or pressure is applied in acupressure

9 letter words containing oi

  • acanthoid — resembling a spine; spiny
  • adenoidal — having the nasal tones or impaired breathing of one with enlarged adenoids
  • adjoining — being in contact; connected or neighbouring
  • allantoic — of or in the allantois
  • allantoid — relating to or resembling the allantois

10 letter words containing oi

  • adroitness — expert or nimble in the use of the hands or body.
  • agnoiology — the theory of ignorance
  • albuminoid — resembling albumin
  • alkaloidal — relating to alkaloids
  • amianthoid — a fine variety of asbestos, with delicate, flexible filaments.

11 letter words containing oi

  • adenoiditis — inflammation of the adenoid tissue.
  • adenomatoid — Of or pertaining to an adenoma.
  • albuminoids — any of a class of simple proteins, as keratin, gelatin, or collagen, that are insoluble in all neutral solvents; scleroprotein.
  • amphichroic — producing two colours, one on reacting with an acid, the other on reacting with a base
  • amyloidosis — the deposition of amyloid in various tissues of the body, as occurs in certain chronic infections

12 letter words containing oi

  • aide-memoire — An aide-memoire is something such as a list that you use to remind you of something.
  • amphidiploid — a plant originating from hybridization between two species in which the chromosome number is the sum of the chromosome numbers of both parental species. It behaves as an independent species
  • amygdaloidal — (of a volcanic rock) containing amygdales
  • autoignition — Automotive. the spontaneous ignition of fuel when introduced into the combustion chamber of an internal-combustion engine, as a result either of glowing carbon in the chamber or of the heat of compression.
  • bioflavonoid — any of a group of biologically active flavone compounds that may help maintain the blood's capillary walls, reducing the likelihood of hemorrhaging: widely found in plants, esp. citrus fruits

13 letter words containing oi

  • adenoidectomy — surgical removal of the adenoids
  • allopolyploid — (of cells, organisms, etc) having more than two sets of haploid chromosomes inherited from different species
  • anaphylactoid — Of, pertaining to, or resembling anaphylaxis.
  • arachnoiditis — an inflammation of the arachnoid membrane
  • autoinfection — infection by a pathogenic agent already within the body or infection transferred from one part of the body to another

14 letter words containing oi

  • allopolyploidy — the state of having two or more sets of chromosomes derived from parents of different species or widely differing strains
  • autoionization — the process in which spontaneous decay of excited atoms or molecules results in emission of electrons, rather than photons
  • autopolyploidy — having more than two haploid sets of chromosomes that are derived from the same ancestral species.
  • bioinformatics — the branch of information science concerned with large databases of biochemical or pharmaceutical information
  • blaxploitation — a genre of films featuring Black stereotypes

15 letter words containing oi

  • anticoincidence — of or relating to an electronic circuit that produces an output pulse if one but not both of its input terminals receives a pulse within a specified interval of time
  • autoinoculation — the inoculation of microorganisms (esp viruses) from one part of the body into another, usually in the form of a vaccine
  • chorioallantois — the membrane of a fetus that is formed by the merging of the allantois and the chorion
  • coinstantaneous — taking place at exactly the same moment
  • connoisseurship — a person who is especially competent to pass critical judgments in an art, particularly one of the fine arts, or in matters of taste: a connoisseur of modern art.

16 letter words containing oi

  • aulnay-sous-bois — a town in N central France, a suburb NE of Paris.
  • autoimmunization — antibody production by an organism in response to and against any of its own tissues, cells, or cell components.
  • autointoxication — self-poisoning caused by absorption of toxic products originating within the body
  • gastrointestinal — of, relating to, or affecting the stomach and intestines.
  • hemorrhoidectomy — the surgical removal of hemorrhoids.

17 letter words containing oi

  • bitter-almond-oil — Also called sweet almond oil, expressed almond oil. a colorless to pale yellow fatty oil expressed from the seeds of the sweet almond, used in preparing perfumes and confections.
  • boileau-despreaux — Nicolas [nee-kaw-lah] /ni kɔˈlɑ/ (Show IPA), 1636–1711, French critic and poet.
  • diphenylhydantoin — a white, slightly water-soluble powder, C 15 H 11 N 2 O 2 , used in the form of its sodium salt to prevent or arrest convulsions in epilepsy.
  • haemorrhoidectomy — surgical removal of haemorrhoids
  • lymphocytopoiesis — Lymphopoiesis.

18 letter words containing oi

  • bioinstrumentation — the use of instruments, as sensors, to detect and measure certain body functions, as of persons in spaceflight, and transmit the data to a point where it is evaluated
  • coccidioidomycosis — a disease of the skin or viscera, esp the lungs, caused by infection with the fungus Coccidioides immitis
  • hypoparathyroidism — Diminished concentration of parathyroid hormone in the blood, which causes deficiencies of calcium and phosphorus compounds in the blood and results in muscular spasms.

19 letter words containing oi

  • cape-disappointmentCape, a cape in SW Washington state, projecting into the Pacific Ocean on the N of the mouth of the Columbia River.
  • counterpoint-rhythm — Music. the art of combining melodies.
  • hyperparathyroidism — overactivity of the parathyroid gland, characterized by softening of the bones, with consequent pain, tenderness, and a tendency to spontaneous fractures, and by muscular weakness and abdominal cramps.

20 letter words containing oi

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