Words containing nast

4 letter words containing nast

  • nastThomas, 1840–1902, U.S. illustrator and cartoonist.

5 letter words containing nast

  • nasty — physically filthy; disgustingly unclean: a nasty pigsty of a room.

6 letter words containing nast

  • -nasty — indicating a nastic movement to a certain stimulus
  • dynast — A member of a powerful family, especially a hereditary ruler.
  • nastic — of or showing sufficiently greater cellular force or growth on one side of an axis to change the form or position of the axis.
  • snaste — a wick or snuff of a candle

7 letter words containing nast

  • -nastic — nastic by some (specified) means or in some (specified) direction
  • canasta — a card game for two to six players who seek to amass points by declaring sets of cards
  • dynasts — Plural form of dynast.
  • dynasty — A line of hereditary rulers of a country.
  • gymnast — a person trained and skilled in gymnastics.

8 letter words containing nast

  • canastas — Plural form of canasta.
  • canaster — coarsely broken dried tobacco leaves
  • dynastic — Pertaining to a dynasty.
  • epinasty — (botany) the downward curvature of leaves etc due to differential growth rates.
  • gymnasts — Plural form of gymnast.

9 letter words containing nast

  • anastasia — Grand Duchess. 1901–?18, daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, believed to have been executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918, although several women subsequently claimed to be her
  • anastasis — the episode in Christian theology in which Jesus is believed to have descended into Hell, often referred to as the 'harrowing of Hell'
  • dynasties — Plural form of dynasty.
  • ginastera — Alberto [ahl-ber-taw] /ɑlˈbɛr tɔ/ (Show IPA), 1916–83, Argentine composer.
  • gymnastic — of or relating to physical exercises that develop and demonstrate strength, balance, and agility, especially such exercises performed mostly on special equipment.

10 letter words containing nast

  • anastigmat — a lens or system of lenses designed to be free of astigmatism
  • anastomose — to join (two parts of a blood vessel, etc) by anastomosis
  • anastrophe — reversal of the usual order of the parts of a sentence; inversion (Ex.: “Came the dawn”)
  • chemonasty — the nastic movement of a plant in response to a chemical stimulus
  • epinasties — Plural form of epinasty.

11 letter words containing nast

  • anastigmats — Plural form of anastigmat.
  • anastomosed — Simple past tense and past participle of anastomose.
  • anastomoses — Anatomy. communication between blood vessels by means of collateral channels, especially when usual routes are obstructed.
  • anastomosis — a natural connection between two tubular structures, such as blood vessels
  • anastomotic — Anatomy. communication between blood vessels by means of collateral channels, especially when usual routes are obstructed.

12 letter words containing nast

13 letter words containing nast

15 letter words containing nast

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