Words containing naga

4 letter words containing naga

  • naga — a member of any of the disparate tribal peoples of Nagaland and bordering areas of Burma.

5 letter words containing naga

  • nagas — Plural form of naga.

6 letter words containing naga

  • nagana — a disease of horses and other animals, widespread in parts of Africa, caused by the organism Trypanosoma brucei, and transmitted by a variety of tsetse fly.
  • nagano — a city on central Honshu, in central Japan.
  • nagari — a group of related scripts, including Devanagari, derived from Brahmi and used for the writing of many of the languages of India.

7 letter words containing naga

  • bisnaga — a large barrel-shaped cactus found in SW USA and NW Mexico
  • biznaga — any of several thorny cactuses of the genera Echinocactus, Ferocactus, and Astrophytum of the southwestern U.S.
  • cienaga — a city in N Colombia, on the SE coast of the Caribbean Sea.
  • nagapie — any nocturnal primate of the family Galagidae, native to continental Africa

8 letter words containing naga

  • fanagalo — a lingua franca based on English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, and Zulu, used especially in the mines of South Africa.
  • flanaganEdward Joseph ("Father Flanagan") 1886–1948, U.S. Roman Catholic priest, born in Ireland: founder of a farm village for wayward boys.
  • jamnagar — a city in W Gujarat, in W central India.
  • junagadh — a town in India, in Gujarat: noted for its Buddhist caves and temples. Pop: 168 686 (2001)
  • nagaland — a state in NE India. 6366 sq. mi. (16,488 sq. km). Capital: Kohima.

9 letter words containing naga

  • bhaunagar — a seaport in S Gujarat, in W India.
  • bhavnagar — a port in W India, in S Gujarat. Pop: 510 958 (2001)
  • managable — Misspelling of manageable.
  • nagarjuna — c. 150–c. 250 ad, Indian Buddhist monk, founder of the Madhyamika (Middle Path) school of Mahayana Buddhism: noted for his philosophical writings
  • turnagain — an about-turn

10 letter words containing naga

  • ahmednagar — a city in W India, in Maharashtra: formerly one of the kingdoms of Deccan. Pop: 307 455 (2001)
  • biratnagar — a city in SE Nepal.
  • devanagari — a syllabic script in which Sanskrit, Hindi, and other modern languages of India are written
  • mcgonagall — William. 1830–?1902, Scottish writer of doggerel, noted for its bathos, repetitive rhymes, poor scansion, and ludicrous effect
  • ulhasnagar — a city in W Maharashtra, in W central India, NE of Mumbai.

11 letter words containing naga

  • gandhinagar — a region in W India, N of the Narmada River.

12 letter words containing naga

  • chandannagar — port in NE India, near Kolkata: formerly a French dependency, it became part of the republic of India in 1950: pop. 120,000

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