7-letter words containing n

  • 'gainst — against
  • 'mongst — amongst
  • 'snooze — Fidonews
  • -banded — -banded combines with colours to indicate that something has bands of a particular colour.
  • -driven — powered by
  • -escent — beginning to be, do, show, etc
  • -farand — having a specified manner or appearance
  • -genous — yielding or generating
  • -gnosis — (esp in medicine) recognition or knowledge
  • -gonium — indicating a seed or reproductive cell
  • -gynous — of or relating to women or females
  • -handed — having a hand or hands as specified
  • -hander — -hander combines with words like 'two' or 'three' to form nouns which indicate how many people are involved in a particular activity, especially a play or a film.
  • -hedron — indicating a geometric solid having a specified number of faces or surfaces
  • -in-law — being a (specified type of relative) by marriage, not by descent in the same family line
  • -incher — a thing measuring a specified number of inches
  • -length — -length combines with nouns to form adjectives that describe something that is of a certain length, or long enough to reach the point indicated by the noun.
  • -making — creating a (specified) state or condition
  • -maniac — a person affected by a (specified) mania
  • -mantic — forming adjectives corresponding to nouns ending in -mancy
  • -minded — -minded combines with adjectives to form words that describe someone's character, attitude, opinions, or intelligence.
  • -nastic — nastic by some (specified) means or in some (specified) direction
  • -necked — having a neck of the shape or size specified
  • -nibbed — having a nib of the specified type
  • -nomics — economics
  • -odynia — pain in (a specified organ or part)
  • -person — -person is added to numbers to form adjectives which indicate how many people are involved in something or can use something. People is not used in this way.
  • -phonia — -phony
  • -ranked — -ranked is added to words, usually numbers like 'first', 'second', and 'third', to form adjectives which indicate what position someone or something has in a list or scale.
  • -ridden — -ridden combines with nouns to form adjectives that describe something as having a lot of a particular undesirable thing or quality, or suffering very much because of it.
  • -sodden — -sodden combines with 'drink' and with the names of alcoholic drinks to form adjectives which describe someone who has drunk too much alcohol and is in a bad state as a result.
  • -spoken — speaking in a particular way
  • -strewn — scattered with the thing specified
  • -taming — the act of taming a specified animal
  • -tinted — having a small amount of a specified colour added
  • -tonner — weighing a specified number of tons
  • -toting — carrying the thing specified
  • -valent — having a specified valency
  • -waving — waving the thing specified
  • a blanc — blanched.
  • a point — just in time.
  • aaronic — of or relating to Aaron, his family, or the priestly dynasty initiated by him
  • abaddon — the Devil (Revelation 9:11)
  • abalone — Abalone is a shellfish that you can eat and that has a shiny substance called mother-of-pearl inside its shell.
  • abanded — Simple past tense and past participle of aband.
  • abandon — If you abandon a place, thing, or person, you leave the place, thing, or person permanently or for a long time, especially when you should not do so.
  • abandum — (legal) Anything forfeited or confiscated.
  • abasing — Present participle of abase.
  • abating — to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.; lessen; diminish: to abate a tax; to abate one's enthusiasm.
  • abdomen — Your abdomen is the part of your body below your chest where your stomach and intestines are.

On this page, we collect all 7-letter words with letter N. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 7-letter word that contains N to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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