Words containing lith

4 letter words containing lith

  • lith — an arm or leg; limb.

5 letter words containing lith

  • -lith — indicating stone or rock
  • lith. — Lithuania(n)
  • lithe — bending readily; pliant; limber; supple; flexible: the lithe body of a ballerina.
  • litho — lithography.
  • lithy — lithe; supple; flexible.

6 letter words containing lith

  • bilith — a prehistoric structure consisting of a horizontal stone slab supported by an upright stone.
  • blithe — You use blithe to indicate that something is done casually, without serious or careful thought.
  • eolith — A roughly chipped flint found in Tertiary strata, originally thought to be an early artifact but probably of natural origin.
  • lilith — Semitic Mythology. a female demon dwelling in deserted places and attacking children.
  • lithal — (informal, inorganic compound) lithium aluminium hydride;.

7 letter words containing lith

  • -lithic — (in anthropology) relating to the use of stone implements in a specified cultural period
  • blither — to talk nonsense
  • blithes — a female given name.
  • eoliths — Plural form of eolith.
  • lithate — a salt of uric acid

8 letter words containing lith

  • acrolith — (esp in ancient Greek sculpture) a wooden, often draped figure with only the head, hands, and feet in stone
  • aerolith — a meteorite consisting mainly of stony matter.
  • blithely — joyous, merry, or happy in disposition; glad; cheerful: Everyone loved her for her blithe spirit.
  • clithral — (of a classical temple) roofed over.
  • eolithic — denoting, relating to, or characteristic of the early part of the Stone Age, characterized by the use of crude stone tools

9 letter words containing lith

  • acroliths — Plural form of acrolith.
  • batholith — a very large irregular-shaped mass of igneous rock, esp granite, formed from an intrusion of magma at great depth, esp one exposed after erosion of less resistant overlying rocks
  • blitheful — joyous, merry, or happy in disposition; glad; cheerful: Everyone loved her for her blithe spirit.
  • cholelith — a stone formed in the gall bladder by the accumulation of bile constituents
  • chololith — cholelith.

10 letter words containing lith

  • antilithic — preventing the formation or development of calculi, as of the urinary tract
  • batholiths — Plural form of batholith.
  • blitheness — joyous, merry, or happy in disposition; glad; cheerful: Everyone loved her for her blithe spirit.
  • blithering — talking foolishly; jabbering
  • blithesome — cheery; merry

11 letter words containing lith

  • aeneolithic — Chalcolithic.
  • batholithic — Containing or relating to batholith.
  • cystolithic — a mass of calcium carbonate on the cellulose wall.
  • gastroliths — Plural form of gastrolith.
  • granolithic — (of concrete) containing fine granite chippings or crushed granite, used to render floors and surfaces.

12 letter words containing lith

  • chalcolithic — of or relating to a period characterized by the use of both stone and bronze implements
  • lithogenesis — (geology) The formation of sedimentary rock.
  • lithographed — Simple past tense and past participle of lithograph.
  • lithographer — a person who works at lithography.
  • lithographic — Of, relating to, or produced by lithography.

13 letter words containing lith

  • aerolithology — the science of aerolites
  • callithumpian — relating to or resembling a callithump
  • lithesomeness — the quality of being flexible and supple
  • lithification — the process or processes by which unconsolidated materials are converted into coherent solid rock, as by compaction or cementation.
  • lithoglyptics — The art of cutting and engraving gems.

14 letter words containing lith

15 letter words containing lith

  • autolithography — a lithographic technique by which the artist draws or traces with a brush and pen directly on a stone or plate.
  • chemolithotroph — Chemoautotroph.
  • lithochromatics — the art or process of painting in oil on stone and taking impressions from the result
  • nephrolithiasis — (pathology) presence of calculi in kidneys.
  • nephrolithotomy — incision or opening of a kidney pelvis for removal of a calculus.

16 letter words containing lith

17 letter words containing lith

  • chromolithographs — Plural form of chromolithograph.
  • chromolithography — the process of making coloured prints by lithography
  • lithostratigraphy — the study or character of stratified rocks based solely on their physical and petrographic features.
  • stereolithography — a process for creating three-dimensional objects using a computer-controlled laser to build up the required structure, layer by layer, from a liquid photopolymer that solidifies.

18 letter words containing lith

19 letter words containing lith

20 letter words containing lith

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