Words containing lh

2 letter words containing lh

  • lh — left hand

3 letter words containing lh

  • lha — 1.   (filename extension)   The filename extension for a file produced by the shareware compression and archive software LHARC. 2.   (tool)   A compression program for MS-DOS. Output files have the extension ".lzh".
  • lhc — Large Hadron Collider
  • lhd — left-hand drive
  • lhs — (filename extension)   The filename extension for literate Haskell source files.

4 letter words containing lh

  • elhi — (of educational material) designed to be used by students in elementary school or high school
  • lheb — Late Hebrew

5 letter words containing lh

  • clhep — (library)   A C++ class library for high energy physics applications.
  • delhi — the capital of India, in the N central part, on the Jumna river: consists of Old Delhi (a walled city reconstructed in 1639 on the site of former cities of Delhi, which date from the 15th century bc) and New Delhi to the south, chosen as the capital in 1912, replacing Kolkata (then called Calcutta); university (1922). Pop: 9 817 439 (2001)
  • lh-rh — luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone
  • lharc — (compression, algorithm)   A compression program developed by Rahul Dhesi. LHARC was later replaced with LHA, which produces files with extension ".lzh".
  • lhasa — Also, Thibet. Also called Sitsang, Xizang. Official name Tibet Autonomous Region. an administrative division of China, N of the Himalayas: prior to 1950 a theocracy under the Dalai Lama; the highest country in the world, average elevation about 16,000 feet (4877 meters). 471,660 sq. mi. (1,221,599 sq. km). Capital: Lhasa.

6 letter words containing lh

  • alhaji — (in West Africa) a Muslim who has been to Mecca as a pilgrim (often used as a title).
  • bilhah — the mother of Dan and Naphtali. Gen. 30:1–8.
  • culham — a village in S central England, in Oxfordshire: site of the UK centre for thermonuclear reactor research and of the Joint European Torus (JET) programme
  • fulham — a die loaded at one corner either to favor a throw of 4, 5, or 6 (high fulham) or to favor a throw of 1, 2, or 3 (low fulham)
  • ilheus — a seaport in E Brazil.

7 letter words containing lh

  • agulhas — Capesouthernmost point of Africa, in Western Cape province, South Africa
  • alhajis — Plural form of alhaji.
  • allheal — any of several plants reputed to have healing powers, such as selfheal and valerian
  • anouilh — Jean (ʒɑ̃). 1910–87, French dramatist, noted for his reinterpretations of Greek myths: his works include Eurydice (1942), Antigone (1944), and Becket (1959)
  • bellhop — A bellhop is a man or boy who works in a hotel, carrying bags or bringing things to the guests' rooms.

8 letter words containing lh

  • alhambra — a citadel and palace in Granada, Spain, built for the Moorish kings during the 13th and 14th centuries: noted for its rich ornamentation
  • allheals — Plural form of allheal.
  • ballhawk — a sportsman who is skilled at winning possession of the ball, esp in basketball
  • billhead — a printed form for making out bills
  • billhook — a cutting tool with a wooden handle and a curved blade terminating in a hook at its tip, used for pruning, chopping, etc

9 letter words containing lh

  • angelhood — the state of being an angel
  • bilharzia — schistosome
  • camelhair — the hair of the camel or dromedary, used in clothing, rugs, etc
  • cellhouse — a prison building containing separate cells, each usually intended for one or two prisoners.
  • coalhouse — a shed or building for storing coal

10 letter words containing lh

  • allhallond — relating to the period of time around Allhallows
  • allhallown — relating to the period of time around Allhallows
  • allhallows — All Saints' Day
  • barrelhead — the round and flat end of a barrel
  • bellhanger — a person who mounts bells

11 letter words containing lh

  • ballhandler — a player particularly skilled at passing and dribbling
  • barrelheads — Plural form of barrelhead.
  • barrelhouse — a cheap and disreputable drinking establishment
  • fluegelhorn — a brass instrument like the cornet in design and pitch but with a wider bore, larger bell, and mellower tone
  • foolhardily — In a foolhardy manner.

12 letter words containing lh

13 letter words containing lh

  • allhallowtide — the season of All Saints' Day (Allhallows)
  • flugelhornist — One who plays the flugelhorn.
  • foolhardiness — recklessly or thoughtlessly bold; foolishly rash or venturesome.
  • foolheartedly — Foolishly. In a foolhardy manner. Without thinking about the consequences.
  • pelham-hollesThomas, 1st Duke of Newcastle, 1693–1768, British statesman: prime minister 1754–56, 1757–62 (brother of Henry Pelham).

14 letter words containing lh

  • cephalhematoma — Alt form cephalohematoma.
  • coolheadedness — The state or characteristic of being coolheaded.
  • coquilhatville — former name of Mbandaka.
  • wilhelmstrasse — a street in Berlin, Germany: location of the German foreign office and other government buildings until 1945.

15 letter words containing lh

  • levelheadedness — The property of being levelheaded, stable, not overly swayed by passion.
  • methylheptenone — a colorless liquid, C 8 H 1 4 O, occurring in many essential oils and produced by synthesis: used in organic synthesis and in the manufacture of inexpensive perfumes.
  • phenylhydrazine — a yellow, poisonous liquid or low-melting solid, C 6 H 8 N 2 , used in chemical analysis and organic synthesis.
  • propylhexedrine — a colorless, adrenergic, water-soluble liquid, C 1 0 H 2 N, used by inhalation as a nasal decongestant.
  • swellheadedness — the fact or state of being conceited

16 letter words containing lh

  • nusslein-volhard — Christiane [kris-tee-ah-nuh,, kris-tyah-] /ˌkrɪs tiˈɑ nə,, krɪsˈtyɑ-/ (Show IPA), born 1942, German biologist: Nobel prize 1995.

17 letter words containing lh

  • dimethylhydrazine — a flammable, highly toxic, and colorless liquid, C 2 H 8 N 2 , used as a component in jet and rocket fuels.
  • diphenylhydantoin — a white, slightly water-soluble powder, C 15 H 11 N 2 O 2 , used in the form of its sodium salt to prevent or arrest convulsions in epilepsy.

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