Words containing lave

4 letter words containing lave

  • lave — to wash; bathe.

5 letter words containing lave

  • clave — one of a pair of hardwood sticks struck together to make a hollow sound, esp to mark the beat of Latin-American dance music
  • glave — glaive.
  • laved — to wash; bathe.
  • laver — Rod(ney George) born 1938, Australian tennis player.
  • laves — to wash; bathe.

6 letter words containing lave

  • claver — to talk idly; gossip
  • claves — one of a pair of wooden sticks or blocks that are held one in each hand and are struck together to accompany music and dancing.
  • laveer — to sail windward
  • lavern — Also, Laverna [luh-vur-nuh] /ləˈvɜr nə/ (Show IPA). a female given name, form of Verna.
  • lavers — Plural form of laver.

7 letter words containing lave

  • beslave — to treat as a slave
  • clavers — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of claver.
  • enclave — A portion of territory within or surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct.
  • enslave — Make (someone) a slave.
  • exclave — A portion of territory of one state completely surrounded by territory of another or others, as viewed by the home territory.

8 letter words containing lave

  • beslaver — to fawn, or to slobber, over
  • clavecin — a harpsichord
  • conclave — A conclave is a meeting at which the discussions are kept secret. The meeting which is held to elect a new Pope is called a conclave.
  • enclaved — Simple past tense and past participle of enclave.
  • enclaves — Plural form of enclave.

9 letter words containing lave

  • autoclave — a strong sealed vessel used for chemical reactions at high pressure
  • bondslave — a person held in bondage.
  • clavering — Present participle of claver.
  • conclaves — A private meeting.
  • enslavers — Plural form of enslaver.

10 letter words containing lave

  • autoclaved — Simple past tense and past participle of autoclave.
  • autoclaves — Plural form of autoclave.
  • calaverite — a metallic pale yellow mineral consisting of a telluride of gold in the form of elongated striated crystals. It is a source of gold in Australia and North America. Formula: AuTe2
  • disenslave — to free from slave status
  • flavescent — turning yellow; yellowish.

11 letter words containing lave

12 letter words containing lave

13 letter words containing lave

  • clishmaclaver — idle talk; gossip
  • lavender-blue — coloured between blue and pale or light bluish-purple to a very pale violet colour

15 letter words containing lave

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