Words containing ka

2 letter words containing ka

  • ka — a spiritual entity, an aspect of the individual, believed to live within the body during life and to survive it after death.

3 letter words containing ka

  • aka — aka is an abbreviation for 'also known as'. aka is used especially when referring to someone's nickname or stage name.
  • kab — an ancient Hebrew measure equal to about two quarts.
  • kaf — the twenty-second letter of the Arabic alphabet, representing a velar stop consonant sound.
  • kai — (NZ, informal) food.
  • kak — A subdivision of currency, equal to a 1/100th of a Cambodian riel.

4 letter words containing ka

  • akan — a member of a people of Ghana and the E Côte d'Ivoire
  • duka — (Kenya) A shop, store.
  • haka — a ceremonial Maori war dance that involves chanting.
  • ikan — (in Malaysia) fish used esp in names of cooked dishes
  • ikat — a method of printing woven fabric by tie-dyeing the warp yarns (warp ikat) the weft yarns (weft ikat) or both (double ikat) before weaving.

5 letter words containing ka

  • akaba — a seaport in SW Jordan, at the N end of the Gulf of Aqaba.
  • akala — a Hawaiian shrub or climber, Rubus macraei, bearing a large, red, edible raspberry.
  • akkad — a city on the Euphrates in N Babylonia, the centre of a major empire and civilization (2360–2180 bc)
  • anoka — a city in E Minnesota.
  • asoka — died 232 bc, Indian emperor (?273–232 bc), who elevated Buddhism to the official state religion

6 letter words containing ka

  • abakan — a city in S central Russia, capital of the Khakass Republic, at the confluence of the Yenisei and Abakan Rivers. Pop: 167 000 (2005 est)
  • achkan — a type of man's coat, knee-length or longer and long-sleeved, worn in South Asia, traditionally by the Muslim and Sikh aristocracy of Northern India
  • akasha — (in the philosophies of India) the ether, regarded as including material and nonmaterial entities in a common medium.
  • akashi — a city on W Honshu, in Japan.
  • akatea — a vine with white flowers, Metrosideros diffusa, found in New Zealand

7 letter words containing ka

  • ajivika — a member of a former Indian sect originating in the 5th century b.c. as a heretical offshoot of Jainism: a disciple of Gosala.
  • akademi — (in India) a learned society
  • alaskan — of or relating to Alaska or its inhabitants
  • alkalic — (of igneous rocks) containing large amounts of alkalis, esp sodium and potassium
  • alkanet — a European boraginaceous plant, Alkanna tinctoria, the roots of which yield a red dye

8 letter words containing ka

  • ahankara — the false identification of the purusha, or true inner self, with the body, the mind, or the outside world.
  • akaryote — a cell without a nucleus
  • akkadian — a member of an ancient Semitic people who lived in central Mesopotamia in the third millennium bc
  • alkahest — the hypothetical universal solvent sought by alchemists
  • alkalify — to make or become alkaline

9 letter words containing ka

  • afrikaans — Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa.
  • afrikaner — Afrikaner means belonging or relating to the white people in South Africa whose ancestors were Dutch.
  • akarnania — Modern Greek name of Acarnania.
  • akathisia — the inability to sit still because of uncontrollable movement caused by reaction to drugs
  • alackaday — alack

10 letter words containing ka

  • abdelkader — ?1807–83, Algerian nationalist, who resisted the French invasion of Algeria and established (1837) an independent state. He surrendered to the French in 1847
  • afrikander — a breed of humpbacked beef cattle originally raised in southern Africa
  • akaryocyte — A cell that has no nucleus.
  • alkalinity — the quality or state of being alkaline
  • alkaloidal — relating to alkaloids

11 letter words containing ka

  • alaska-crab — horseshoe crab.
  • alkalescent — developing alkaline qualities
  • alkalimeter — an apparatus for determining the concentration of alkalis in solution
  • alkalimetry — determination of the amount of alkali or base in a solution, measured by an alkalimeter or by volumetric analysis
  • alkanethiol — any compound containing an alkyl group joined to a mercapto group, as methyl mercaptan or methanethiol, CH 3 SH.

12 letter words containing ka

  • abd-el-kadir — 1807?–83, Algerian leader.
  • afrikanerdom — (in South Africa) Afrikaner nationalism based on pride in the Afrikaans language and culture, conservative Calvinism, and a sense of heritage as pioneers
  • afrikanerism — a word, term, or usage peculiar to or originating among Afrikaners.
  • alkalization — Alkalinization.
  • alkaptonuria — excessive excretion of homogentisic acid in the urine, caused by a hereditary abnormality of the metabolism of tyrosine and phenylalanine.

13 letter words containing ka

  • alkali-loving — (of a plant) requiring a pH of 7.1 to 9 for optimal growth.
  • apokatastasis — the state of being restored or reestablished; restitution.
  • balkanization — If you disapprove of the division of a country into separate independent states, you can refer to the Balkanization of the country.
  • dasht-e-kavir — large salt-desert plateau in NC Iran: c. 18,000 sq mi (46,620 sq km)
  • dasht-i-kavir — a salt waste on the central plateau of Iran: a treacherous marsh beneath a salt crust

14 letter words containing ka

  • disembarkation — to go ashore from a ship.
  • heterokaryosis — condition in which a binucleate or multinucleate cell contains genetically dissimilar nuclei.
  • heterokaryotic — condition in which a binucleate or multinucleate cell contains genetically dissimilar nuclei.
  • kaieteur-falls — a river in central Guyana: (Kaieteur Falls) one of highest waterfalls in the world at 741 feet (226 meters). 100 miles (161 km) long.
  • kaiserslautern — a city in S Rhineland-Palatinate, in SW Germany.

15 letter words containing ka

  • al-iskandariyah — Arabic name of Alexandria.
  • blockade-runner — a ship or person that passes through a blockade.
  • fischer-dieskau — Dietrich [dee-trik;; German dee-trikh] /ˈdi trɪk;; German ˈdi trɪx/ (Show IPA), 1925–2012, German baritone.
  • gaudier-brzeska — Henri (ɑ̃ri), original name Henri Gaudier. 1891–1915, French vorticist sculptor
  • kaffeeklatscher — a person who participates, especially regularly, in a kaffee klatsch.

16 letter words containing ka

  • kamerlingh-onnes — Heike (ˈhaɪkə). 1853–1926, Dutch physicist: a pioneer of the physics of low-temperature materials and discoverer (1911) of superconductivity. Nobel prize for physics 1913
  • nagorno-karabakh — a region in SW Azerbaijan: residents mostly Armenian. 1700 sq. mi. (4400 sq. km).

17 letter words containing ka

  • bouncebackability — the ability to recover after a setback, esp in sport
  • kaleidoscopically — of, relating to, or created by a kaleidoscope.
  • lackadaisicalness — without interest, vigor, or determination; listless; lethargic: a lackadaisical attempt.

18 letter words containing ka

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