Words containing jacks

5 letter words containing jacks

  • jacks — a male given name, form of Jacob or John.

6 letter words containing jacks

  • jacksy — (slang, British) Backside.

7 letter words containing jacks

  • hijacks — Plural form of hijack.
  • jacksie — (slang, UK) alternative spelling of jacksy.
  • jackson — a state in the S United States. 47,716 sq. mi. (123,585 sq. km). Capital: Jackson. Abbreviation: MS (for use with zip code), Miss.

8 letter words containing jacks

  • carjacks — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of carjack.
  • jackshit — Alternative spelling of jack shit.
  • jackstay — a rod or batten, following a yard, gaff, or boom, to which one edge of a sail is bent.

9 letter words containing jacks

  • flapjacks — Plural form of flapjack; pancakes.
  • jackscrew — a jack for lifting, consisting of a screw steadied by a threaded support and carrying a plate or other part bearing the load.
  • jackshaft — Also called countershaft. a short shaft, connected by belting, gears, etc., that transmits motion from a motor or engine to a machine or machines being driven (distinguished from main shaft).
  • jacksmelt — a large silversides, Atherinopsis californiensis, found along the coast of California, that grows to a length of 22 inches (55 cm).
  • jacksmith — a smith who makes devices that enable the turning of meat while being roasted

10 letter words containing jacks

11 letter words containing jacks

12 letter words containing jacks

  • jacksonville — a seaport in NE Florida, on the St. John's River.

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