Words containing inth

5 letter words containing inth

  • ninth — next after the eighth; being the ordinal number for nine.

6 letter words containing inth

  • minthe — a nymph who was changed into a mint plant by Persephone to protect her from Hades.
  • ninths — Plural form of ninth.
  • plinth — a slablike member beneath the base of a column or pier.

7 letter words containing inth

  • absinth — Alternate form of absinthe.
  • corinth — a port in S Greece, in the NE Peloponnese: the modern town is near the site of the ancient city, the largest and richest of the city-states after Athens. Pop (municipality): 36 991 (2001)
  • inthral — enthrall.
  • jacinth — a female given name, form of Hyacinth.

8 letter words containing inth

  • absinthe — Absinthe is a very strong alcoholic drink that is green and tastes bitter.
  • helminth — a worm, especially a parasitic worm.
  • hyacinth — a female given name.
  • inthrall — Archaic form of enthrall.
  • inthrone — enthrone.

9 letter words containing inth

  • absinthes — Plural form of absinthe.
  • carinthia — a state of S Austria: an independent duchy from 976 to 1276; mainly mountainous, with many lakes and resorts. Capital: Klagenfurt. Pop: 559 440 (2003 est). Area: 9533 sq km (3681 sq miles)
  • einthoven — Willem. 1860–1927, Dutch physiologist. A pioneer of electrocardiography, he was awarded the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine in 1924
  • flinthead — the wood stork, Mycteria americana.
  • helminths — Plural form of helminth.

10 letter words containing inth

  • absinthian — a green, aromatic liqueur that is 68 percent alcohol, is made with wormwood and other herbs, and has a bitter, licorice flavor: now banned in most Western countries.
  • absinthism — a diseased condition resulting from excessive drinking of absinthe
  • corinthian — of, characteristic of, or relating to Corinth
  • disinthral — (transitive) To set free from thraldom or oppression.
  • faintheart — person who lacks courage; coward.

11 letter words containing inth

  • acrocorinth — the citadel of ancient Corinth: strategic in the control of the Isthmus of Corinth; extensive ruins.
  • aschelminth — in some systems of classification, any of a phylum (Aschelminthes) of wormlike animals, including rotifers, gastrotrichs, gordian worms, and nematodes: these animals are usually considered to be in separate phyla
  • corinthians — either of two books of the New Testament (in full The First and Second Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians)
  • fifty-ninth — next after the fifty-eighth; being the ordinal number for 59.
  • forty-ninth — next after the forty-eighth; being the ordinal number for 49.

12 letter words containing inth

13 letter words containing inth

  • anthelminthic — Of use against intestinal worms.
  • aschelminthes — a major grouping (formerly a phylum) of small-to-microscopic pseudocoelomate organisms, as the rotifers, nematodes, and gastrotriches, all of which are now classified as separate phyla.
  • corinthianize — to live a promiscuous life
  • disinthralled — freed from thraldom
  • helminthiasis — a disease caused by parasitic worms in the intestines.

14 letter words containing inth

  • disinthralling — the act of freedom from thraldom
  • helminthologic — of or pertaining to helminthology
  • labyrinthodont — any member of several orders of small to large lizardlike terrestrial and freshwater amphibians, some ancestral to land vertebrates, forming the extinct subclass Labyrinthodonta that flourished from the Devonian through the Triassic periods, characterized by a solid, flattened skull and conical teeth.
  • spinthariscope — an instrument that detects ionizing radiation by picking up sparks of light from alpha particles.
  • terebinthinate — of, relating to, or resembling turpentine.

15 letter words containing inth

  • labyrinthodonts — Plural form of labyrinthodont.
  • nemathelminthic — of or pertaining to a nemathelminth
  • platyhelminthes — a phylum of worms having bilateral symmetry and a soft, usually flattened body, comprising the flatworms.

16 letter words containing inth

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