Words containing inr

3 letter words containing inr

  • inr — The INR is a test that times the clotting of blood, used in measuring warfarin dosage.

4 letter words containing inr

  • inri — Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (the inscription placed over Christ's head during the Crucifixion)
  • inro — a small lacquer box with compartments for medicines, cosmetics, etc., worn on the waist sash of the traditional Japanese costume.

5 letter words containing inr

  • inria — Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique
  • inrun — (skiing) In ski jumping, the ramp down which skiers ski to gain speed, before taking off.

6 letter words containing inr

  • iinren — Interagency Interim National Research and Education Network
  • inroad — a damaging or serious encroachment: inroads on our savings.
  • inroll — Obsolete form of enroll.
  • inrush — a rushing or pouring in.

7 letter words containing inr

  • inroads — a damaging or serious encroachment: inroads on our savings.
  • kinross — a historic county in E Scotland.

8 letter words containing inr

  • cousinry — a collection of cousins
  • heinrich — a male given name, Germanic form of Henry.
  • inradius — the radius of the circle inscribed in a triangle.
  • inrigger — a rowboat having oarlocks on the gunwales.
  • inroaded — Simple past tense and past participle of inroad.

9 letter words containing inr

10 letter words containing inr

  • inrichment — Alternative form of enrichment.
  • jinricksha — Alternative spelling of jinriksha.
  • jinrikisha — a small, two-wheeled, cartlike passenger vehicle with a fold-down top, pulled by one person, formerly used widely in Japan and China.
  • jinrikshas — Plural form of jinriksha.

11 letter words containing inr

12 letter words containing inr

  • breckinridge — John Cabell1821-75; vice president of the U.S. (1857-61); Confederate general

13 letter words containing inr

  • kinross-shire — a former county of E central Scotland: became part of Tayside region in 1975 and part of Perth and Kinross in 1996

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