Words containing ice

3 letter words containing ice

  • ice — the solid form of water, produced by freezing; frozen water.

4 letter words containing ice

  • -ice — condition, state, or quality of
  • bice — a medium blue colour; azurite
  • dice — A dice is a small cube which has between one and six spots or numbers on its sides, and which is used in games to provide random numbers. In old-fashioned English, 'dice' was used only as a plural form, and the singular was die, but now 'dice' is used as both the singular and the plural form.
  • fice — Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. a small mongrel dog, especially one that is ill-tempered; cur; mutt.
  • iced — of or made of ice: ice shavings; an ice sculpture.

5 letter words containing ice

  • alice — a feminine name: dim. Elsie; var. Alicia
  • amice — a rectangular piece of white linen worn by priests around the neck and shoulders under the alb or, formerly, on the head
  • bicep — a biceps muscle, especially the one at the front of the upper arm.
  • bices — either of two colors, bice blue or bice green.
  • brice — Fanny, real name Fannie Borach. 1891–1951, US actress and singer. The film Funny Girl was based on her life

6 letter words containing ice

  • aduice — Obsolete spelling of advice.
  • advice — If you give someone advice, you tell them what you think they should do in a particular situation.
  • allice — A fish, the allis shad (Alosa alosa). (from 17th c.).
  • apices — apex
  • biceps — Your biceps are the large muscles at the front of the upper part of your arms.

7 letter words containing ice

  • -priced — having a price of the kind specified
  • advices — an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.: I shall act on your advice.
  • anglice — in English
  • auspice — patronage or guidance (esp in the phrase under the auspices of)
  • avarice — Avarice is extremely strong desire for money and possessions.

8 letter words containing ice

  • allspice — Allspice is a powder used as a spice in cooking, which is made from the berries of a tropical American tree.
  • altrices — altricial birds
  • anicetusSaint, pope a.d. 155?–166?.
  • artifice — Artifice is the clever use of tricks and devices.
  • auspices — an augur of ancient Rome.

9 letter words containing ice

  • adviceful — thoughtful or attentive
  • allspices — Plural form of allspice.
  • anti-icer — a device fitted to an aircraft to prevent the formation of ice
  • appentice — penthouse (def 4).
  • armistice — An armistice is an agreement between countries who are at war with one another to stop fighting and to discuss ways of making peace.

10 letter words containing ice

  • accomplice — Someone's accomplice is a person who helps them to commit a crime.
  • alcaiceria — a silk market
  • anticenter — Geology. the point on the surface of the earth diametrically opposite the epicenter of an earthquake.
  • antichoice — opposed to granting pregnant women the choice to have an abortion
  • antipolice — opposed to or against the police

11 letter words containing ice

  • accomplices — Plural form of accomplice.
  • amphicelous — concave on both sides, as the bodies of the vertebrae of fishes.
  • ante-nicene — of or relating to the Christian church or period before the Nicene Council of a.d. 325.
  • anti-choice — opposed to the legal right to obtain an abortion; pro-life
  • antichoicer — someone who opposes the granting of pregnant women the choice to have an abortion

12 letter words containing ice

  • bacon-slicer — a machine for cutting bacon into slices
  • bicentennial — A bicentennial is the same as a bicentenary.
  • botticellian — Sandro [san-droh,, sahn-;; Italian sahn-draw] /ˈsæn droʊ,, ˈsɑn-;; Italian ˈsɑn drɔ/ (Show IPA), (Alessandro di Mariano dei Filipepi) 1444?–1510, Italian painter.
  • cervicectomy — (medicine) Surgical removal of the cervix.
  • chelicerates — Plural form of chelicerate.

13 letter words containing ice

  • anticellulite — acting against cellulite
  • apprenticeage — (obsolete) Apprenticeship.
  • beggar's-lice — any of several plants, esp the stickseed, having small prickly fruits that adhere to clothing, fur, etc
  • beneficential — relating to beneficence
  • bicentennials — pertaining to or in honor of a 200th anniversary: bicentennial celebration; a bicentennial exposition.

14 letter words containing ice

  • anticensorship — opposed to a policy or programme of censoring
  • appendicectomy — surgical removal of any appendage, esp the vermiform appendix
  • apprenticement — apprenticeship
  • apprenticeship — Someone who has an apprenticeship works for a fixed period of time for a person who has a particular skill in order to learn the skill. Apprenticeship is the system of learning a skill like this.
  • bodice-ripping — A bodice-ripping film or novel is one which is set in the past and which includes a lot of sex scenes. You use this word especially if you do not think it is very good and is just intended to entertain people.

15 letter words containing ice

  • apprenticeships — Plural form of apprenticeship.
  • ex-servicewoman — a woman who has served in the army, navy, or air force
  • fee-for-service — pertaining to the charging of fees for specific services rendered in health care, as distinguished from participating in a prepaid medical practice: fee-for-service medicine.
  • improvvisatrice — Alternative form of improvisatrice.
  • multiple-choice — consisting of several possible answers from which the correct one must be selected: a multiple-choice question.

16 letter words containing ice

17 letter words containing ice

  • denial-of-service — pertaining to or being an incident in which a computer or computer network is disabled, disrupting access or service: a website hit by a denial-of-service attack; unintentional denial-of-service problems.
  • quasquicentennial — pertaining to or marking a period of 125 years.
  • vice-presidential — relating to a person who ranks immediately below the chief executive or head of state of a republic

19 letter words containing ice

34 letter words containing ice

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