Words containing ible

5 letter words containing ible

  • -ible — -able
  • bible — The Bible is the holy book on which the Jewish and Christian religions are based.

6 letter words containing ible

  • alible — nourishing; nutritious
  • crible — dotted
  • edible — fit to be eaten as food; eatable; esculent.
  • foible — a minor weakness or failing of character; slight flaw or defect: an all-too-human foible.
  • giblet — (usually plural) the edible viscera of a bird.

7 letter words containing ible

  • ansible — (science fiction) A hypothetical device that enables users to communicate instantaneously across great distances; that is, a faster-than-light communication device.
  • audible — A sound that is audible is loud enough to be heard.
  • bibless — (of an apron) with no bib
  • delible — able to be deleted
  • docible — Easily taught or managed; teachable.

8 letter words containing ible

  • audibled — Simple past tense and past participle of audible.
  • audibles — Plural form of audible.
  • chasible — Alternative form of chasuble.
  • credible — Credible means able to be trusted or believed.
  • crucible — A crucible is a pot in which metals or other substances can be melted or heated up to very high temperatures.

9 letter words containing ible

  • amissible — likely to be lost
  • appetible — desirable or capable of arousing desire
  • avertible — Capable of being averted; preventable.
  • classible — able to be classed
  • coercible — to compel by force, intimidation, or authority, especially without regard for individual desire or volition: They coerced him into signing the document.

10 letter words containing ible

  • abhorrible — (rare, obsolete) Detestable. (mid 17th century).
  • accessible — If a place or building is accessible to people, it is easy for them to reach it or get into it. If an object is accessible, it is easy to reach.
  • admissible — If evidence is admissible, it is allowed in a court of law.
  • admittible — Archaic spelling of admittable.
  • affectible — Alternative form of affectable.

11 letter words containing ible

  • audibleness — The state or quality of being audible.
  • cognoscible — able to be known or recognized
  • collapsible — A collapsible object is designed to be folded flat when it is not being used.
  • collectible — that can be collected
  • combustible — A combustible material or gas catches fire and burns easily.

12 letter words containing ible

  • bible-banger — Bible-thumper.
  • collectibles — capable of being collected.
  • combustibles — Plural form of combustible.
  • compressible — If something is compressible, its volume can change when pressure is applied to it.
  • contemptible — If you feel that someone or something is contemptible, you feel strong dislike and disrespect for them.

13 letter words containing ible

14 letter words containing ible

  • accessibleness — the ability to be accessed
  • admissibleness — The state or quality of being admissible.
  • bible-thumping — an evangelist or other person who quotes the Bible frequently, especially as a means of exhortation or rebuke.
  • bug-compatible — Said of a design or revision that has been badly compromised by a requirement to be compatible with fossils or misfeatures in other programs or (especially) previous releases of itself. "MS-DOS 2.0 used \ as a path separator to be bug-compatible with some cretin's choice of / as an option character in 1.0."
  • compatibleness — The state or quality of being compatible.

15 letter words containing ible

16 letter words containing ible

17 letter words containing ible

18 letter words containing ible

20 letter words containing ible

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