Words containing iber

5 letter words containing iber

  • fiber — a fine, threadlike piece, as of cotton, jute, or asbestos.
  • giber — to utter mocking or scoffing words; jeer.
  • ibert — Jacques François Antoine [zhahk frahn-swa ahn-twan] /ʒɑk frɑ̃ˈswa ɑ̃ˈtwan/ (Show IPA), 1890–1962, French composer.
  • liber — an ancient Italian god of wine and vineyards, in later times identified with Bacchus.
  • tiber — a river in central Italy, flowing through Rome into the Mediterranean. 244 miles (395 km) long.

6 letter words containing iber

  • briber — money or any other valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person, especially in that person's performance as an athlete, public official, etc.: The motorist offered the arresting officer a bribe to let him go.
  • fibers — Plural form of fiber.
  • iberia — Also called Iberian Peninsula. a peninsula in SW Europe, comprising Spain and Portugal.
  • iberis — (botany) Any plant of the genus Iberis; a candytuft.
  • ibero- — indicating Iberia or Iberian

7 letter words containing iber

  • bribery — Bribery is the act of offering someone money or something valuable in order to persuade them to do something for you.
  • caliber — the size of a bullet or shell as measured by its diameter
  • defiber — defibrate.
  • deliber — (obsolete) To deliberate.
  • fibered — (of plaster) having an admixture of hair or fiber.

8 letter words containing iber

  • beriberi — a disease, endemic in E and S Asia, caused by dietary deficiency of thiamine (vitamin B1). It affects the nerves to the limbs, producing pain, paralysis, and swelling
  • calibers — Plural form of caliber.
  • fiberize — to break or crack into fibers.
  • fiberous — Misspelling of fibrous.
  • ghiberti — Lorenzo [law-ren-tsaw] /lɔˈrɛn tsɔ/ (Show IPA), 1378–1455, Florentine sculptor, goldsmith, and painter.

9 letter words containing iber

  • calibered — the diameter of something of circular section, especially that of the inside of a tube: a pipe of three-inch caliber.
  • defibered — (of food) having little or no natural fiber, typically as the result of commercial refining or processing.
  • describer — A person who describes.
  • fiberfill — synthetic fibers, as polyester, used as a filling or insulating material for pillows, cushions, comforters, winter garments, etc.
  • fiberglas — finespun filaments of glass made into yarn that is woven into textiles, used in woolly masses as insulation, and pressed and molded as plastic material

10 letter words containing iber

  • bast-fiber — Botany. phloem.
  • defiberize — defibrate.
  • deliberate — If you do something that is deliberate, you planned or decided to do it beforehand, and so it happens on purpose rather than by chance.
  • describers — Plural form of describer.
  • fiberboard — a building material made of wood or other plant fibers compressed and cemented into rigid sheets.

11 letter words containing iber

  • antiliberal — acting against liberalism
  • archliberal — extremely liberal, especially in political thinking.
  • celtiberian — a member of a Celtic people (Celtiberi) who inhabited the Iberian peninsula during classical times
  • d'iberville — Sieur(born Pierre Le Moyne) 1661-1706; Fr. explorer in North America
  • deliberated — carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional: a deliberate lie.

12 letter words containing iber

  • anti-liberal — favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
  • antiberiberi — Countering beriberi.
  • deliberately — carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional: a deliberate lie.
  • deliberating — carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional: a deliberate lie.
  • deliberation — Deliberation is the long and careful consideration of a subject.

13 letter words containing iber

  • deliberations — formal discussion and debate, as of a committee, jury, etc
  • hiberno-saxon — having the characteristics of both the Irish and English; Anglo-Irish.
  • illiberalness — The state of being illiberal; illiberality.
  • liberalminded — Having a liberal opinion or stance.
  • liberationism — the principles of liberationists

14 letter words containing iber

  • antiliberalism — a political ideology opposed to liberalism
  • deliberateness — carefully weighed or considered; studied; intentional: a deliberate lie.
  • deliberatively — having the function of deliberating, as a legislative assembly: a deliberative body.
  • indeliberately — done without care; special planning or deliberation; unintentional.
  • liberal-minded — espousing liberal views and policies

15 letter words containing iber

  • anti-liberalism — the quality or state of being liberal, as in behavior or attitude.
  • antilibertarian — opposed to libertarianism
  • hibernicization — the process or act of making Irish
  • hiberno-english — Also called Anglo-Irish. the English language as spoken in Ireland.
  • ibero-maurusian — of or relating to an Epipaleolithic culture of northwestern Africa that preceded the Capsian culture and was once erroneously thought to have originated in southwestern Europe; characterized by the use of backed bladelets, occupation of the maritime plain, and the hunting of the Barbary sheep.

16 letter words containing iber

  • deliberativeness — The state or quality of being deliberative.
  • semi-hibernation — Zoology. to spend the winter in close quarters in a dormant condition, as bears and certain other animals. Compare estivate.
  • ultra-liberalism — extremely liberal, especially in politics.

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