Words containing iban

4 letter words containing iban

  • iban — Also called Sea Dayak. a member of any of several Dayak tribes of Sarawak.

6 letter words containing iban

  • ibanez — Vicente Blasco [bee-then-te blahs-kaw] /biˈθɛn tɛ ˈblɑs kɔ/ (Show IPA), Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente.
  • libant — touching lightly
  • riband — a decorative ribbon.

7 letter words containing iban

  • caliban — a brutish or brutalized man
  • taliban — a Muslim fundamentalist group in Afghanistan.

8 letter words containing iban

  • atosiban — (medicine) A medication, that inhibits oxytocin and vasopressin, used to halt premature labour.
  • medibank — the national health-insurance program instituted in Australia.
  • miliband — David (Wright). born 1965, British Labour politician; foreign secretary (2007–10)
  • olibanum — frankincense.

9 letter words containing iban

  • escribano — a clerk or scribe
  • kayibanda — Grégoire [grey-gwahr;; French grey-gwar] /greɪˈgwɑr;; French greɪˈgwar/ (Show IPA), 1924–76, president of the Republic of Rwanda 1962–73.
  • multiband — Having or employing multiple bands, especially frequency bands.
  • multibank — of or involving more than one bank

10 letter words containing iban

  • talibanize — to make (an organization) resemble the Taliban or portray (an organization) as being like the Taliban, in that it is seen to restrict personal freedom and punish opposition ruthlessly

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