Words containing iatr

6 letter words containing iatr

  • -iatry — indicating healing or medical treatment
  • iatric — of or relating to a physician or medicine; medical.
  • iatro- — medicine, medical, medicinal

7 letter words containing iatr

  • diatron — an electrical circuit that uses diodes
  • liatris — any of various composite plants of the genus Liatris, native to North America, having long spikes of purplish flowers.

8 letter words containing iatr

  • -iatrics — indicating medical care or treatment
  • aviatrix — a female aviator
  • diatreme — a volcanic vent produced in a solid rock structure by the explosive energy of gases in magmas.
  • diatribe — A diatribe is an angry speech or article which is extremely critical of someone's ideas or activities.
  • diatryma — A big-beaked prehistoric bird in the genus Gastornis, larger than the ostrich, believed to have become extinct 15- to 25-million years ago due to a vast climate change.

9 letter words containing iatr

  • aviatrice — a woman who is a pilot; aviator.
  • bariatric — of or relating to the treatment of obesity
  • diatretum — a type of decorative Roman bowl or cup made of glass
  • diatribes — Plural form of diatribe.
  • diatropic — the tendency of some plant organs to take a transverse position to the line of action of an outside stimulus.

10 letter words containing iatr

  • aviatrices — Plural form of aviatrix.
  • bariatrics — the study of obesity and its treatment
  • chemiatric — healing by the use of chemicals
  • diatribist — a person who uses diatribes in his or her speeches or writing, etc
  • diatropism — a response of plants or parts of plants to an external stimulus by growing at right angles to the direction of the stimulus

11 letter words containing iatr

  • hippiatrics — the study of the diseases of horses
  • hippiatrist — someone who treats the diseases of horses
  • kinesiatric — of or relating to kinesiatrics
  • negotiatrix — (obsolete) A female negotiator.
  • paediatrics — Paediatrics is the area of medicine that is concerned with the treatment of children's illnesses.

12 letter words containing iatr

  • bariatrician — a physician who specializes in bariatrics.
  • geriatrician — the branch of medicine dealing with the diseases, debilities, and care of aged persons.
  • iatrochemist — a person who practises iatrochemistry
  • iatrogenesis — (medicine) Any adverse effect (or complication) resulting from medical treatment.
  • kinesiatrics — the treatment of disease by the use of gymnastics or muscle exercises

13 letter words containing iatr

  • geriatricians — Plural form of geriatrician.
  • iatrochemical — relating to iatrochemistry or iatrochemists
  • paediatrician — A paediatrician is a doctor who specializes in treating sick children.

14 letter words containing iatr

  • antipsychiatry — an approach to mental disorders that makes use of concepts derived from existentialism, psychoanalysis, and sociological theory
  • iatrochemistry — (in the 16th and 17th centuries) the study of chemistry in relation to the physiology, pathology, and treatment of disease.
  • iatrogenically — In an iatrogenic manner.
  • nonpsychiatric — not psychiatric

15 letter words containing iatr

  • chemopsychiatry — the study and application of chemical substances in psychiatry
  • neuropsychiatry — the branch of medicine dealing with diseases involving the mind and nervous system.
  • nonpsychiatrist — a person who is not a psychiatrist
  • orthopsychiatry — an approach to psychiatry concerned with the study and treatment of behavioral disorders, especially of young people.
  • psychiatrically — the practice or science of diagnosing and treating mental disorders.

16 letter words containing iatr

17 letter words containing iatr

  • neuropsychiatrist — A medical doctor specializing in neuropsychiatry; a medical doctor dealing with disorders that have both neurological and psychiatric features.

20 letter words containing iatr

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