Words containing hydric

6 letter words containing hydric

  • hydric — of, relating to, or adapted to a wet or moist environment.

7 letter words containing hydric

  • -hydric — having (a specified number of) hydroxyl radicals or replaceable hydrogen atoms in the molecule

8 letter words containing hydric

  • dihydric — (especially of alcohols and phenols) dihydroxy.

9 letter words containing hydric

  • isohydric — having the same acidity or hydrogen-ion concentration
  • trihydric — (especially of alcohols and phenols) trihydroxy.

10 letter words containing hydric

  • fluohydric — (chemistry) hydrofluoric.
  • hexahydric — (especially of alcohols and phenols) hexahydroxy.
  • hydrically — in a hydric manner; in a manner using water or moisture
  • monohydric — (especially of alcohols and phenols) monohydroxy.
  • polyhydric — (especially of alcohols and phenols) polyhydroxy.

11 letter words containing hydric

  • chlorhydric — (chemistry) Alternative form of hydrochloric.
  • pentahydric — (especially of alcohols and phenols) pentahydroxy.
  • tetrahydric — (especially of alcohols and phenols) tetrahydroxy.

12 letter words containing hydric

  • achlorhydric — relating to a lack of gastric hydrochloric acid

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