Words containing hu

2 letter words containing hu

  • hu — (neologism) they (singular). non-gloss definition Gender-neutral third-person singular subject pronoun, coordinate with gendered pronouns 'he' and 'she'.

3 letter words containing hu

  • ahu — a stone heap or platform used by the Polynesians as a marker or memorial.
  • chu — a river in SE Kazakhstan, flowing NE from the Tian Shan, near the Kyrgyz border, into the desert. 700 miles (1126 km) long.
  • hub — the central part of a wheel, as that part into which the spokes are inserted.
  • hud — Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • hue — a seaport in central Vietnam: former capital of Annam.

4 letter words containing hu

  • bahu — (in India) a daughter-in-law
  • bhut — a type of ghost or spirit
  • chub — a common European freshwater cyprinid game fish, Leuciscus (or Squalius) cephalus, having a cylindrical dark greenish body
  • chug — When a vehicle chugs somewhere, it goes there slowly, noisily and with difficulty.
  • chum — Your chum is your friend.

5 letter words containing hu

  • abihu — a son of Aaron who, with Nadab, was destroyed by fire from heaven for disobeying the Lord. Lev. 10:1–5.
  • ahull — with sails furled
  • ahura — generic title for benevolent deities in Zoroastrianism or evil deities in Hinduism.
  • ahuru — a small pink cod, Auchenoceros punctatus, of SW Pacific waters
  • anhui — a province of E China, crossed by the Yangtze River. Capital: Hefei. Pop: 64 100 000 (2003 est). Area: 139 860 sq km (54 000 sq miles)

6 letter words containing hu

  • aarhus — Århus
  • arthur — a legendary king of the Britons in the sixth century ad, who led Celtic resistance against the Saxons: possibly based on a historical figure; represented as leader of the Knights of the Round Table at Camelot
  • ashura — a Shiah festival observed on the tenth day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar to commemorate the death of the martyr Imam Hussein bin Ali at the Battle of Karbala in 61 ah (680 ad)
  • asshur — Ashur1
  • bhikhu — a fully ordained Buddhist monk

7 letter words containing hu

  • anahuac — the central plateau of Mexico, between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental ranges (3700 to 9000 feet; 1128 to 2743 meters): center of former Aztec civilization.
  • anchusa — any Eurasian plant of the boraginaceous genus Anchusa, having rough hairy stems and leaves and blue flowers
  • bacchus — (in ancient Greece and Rome) a god of wine and giver of ecstasy, identified with Dionysus
  • balthus — real name Balthasar Klossowski de Rola. 1908–2001, French painter of Polish descent, noted esp for his paintings of adolescent girls
  • beothuk — a member of an extinct Native Canadian people formerly living in Newfoundland

8 letter words containing hu

  • acanthus — any shrub or herbaceous plant of the genus Acanthus, native to the Mediterranean region but widely cultivated as ornamental plants, having large spiny leaves and spikes of white or purplish flowers: family Acanthaceae
  • ahuzzath — a friend of Abimelech with whom he journeyed from Gerar to make a covenant with Isaac in Beersheba. Gen. 26:26–31.
  • alchuine — (Ealhwine Flaccus) a.d. 735–804, English theologian and scholar: teacher and adviser of Charlemagne.
  • anchusin — alkanet (sense 1) alkanet (sense 1c)
  • ancohuma — one of the two peaks of Mount Sorata

9 letter words containing hu

  • aegisthus — a cousin to and the murderer of Agamemnon, whose wife Clytemnestra he had seduced. He usurped the kingship of Mycenae until Orestes, Agamemnon's son, returned home and killed him
  • ahungered — very hungry.
  • ailanthus — an E Asian simaroubaceous deciduous tree, Ailanthus altissima, planted in Europe and North America, having pinnate leaves, small greenish flowers, and winged fruits
  • althusser — Louis. 1918–90, French Marxist philosopher, author of For Marx (1965) and Reading Capital (1965): committed to a mental hospital (1981) after killing his wife
  • amianthus — any of the fine silky varieties of asbestos

10 letter words containing hu

  • agapanthus — a liliaceous plant, Agapanthus africanus, of southern Africa, having rounded clusters of blue or white funnel-shaped flowers
  • antilochus — a son of Nestor and a trusted friend of Achilles.
  • antimachus — Also called the Colophonian. flourished c410 b.c, Greek poet.
  • bhavabhuti — flourished 8th century, Indian dramatist.
  • bowhunting — the practice of hunting wild animals with bow and arrow

11 letter words containing hu

  • agastrophus — a son of Paeon who was slain by Diomedes.
  • amphilochus — a seer, the son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle, and the brother of Alcmaeon.
  • amphithuron — amphithyra (def 1).
  • anti-church — a building for public Christian worship.
  • archilochus — 7th century bc, Greek poet of Paros, notable for using his own experience as subject matter

12 letter words containing hu

  • antihumanism — opposition to humanism
  • ashurbanipal — died ?626 bc, king of Assyria (?668–?626): son of Esarhaddon. He built the magnificent palace and library at Nineveh
  • bechuanaland — former British territory (1884-1966) in S Africa: now the country of Botswana
  • bhubaneshwar — a state in E India. 60,136 sq. mi. (155,752 sq. km). Capital: Bhubaneshwar.
  • bhutatathata — Tathata.

13 letter words containing hu

  • anti-humanist — a person having a strong interest in or concern for human welfare, values, and dignity.
  • anti-humanity — all human beings collectively; the human race; humankind.
  • bible-thumper — an enthusiastic or aggressive exponent of the Bible
  • callithumpian — relating to or resembling a callithump
  • catechumenate — Ecclesiastical. a person under instruction in the rudiments of Christianity, as in the early church; a neophyte.

14 letter words containing hu

  • bible-thumping — an evangelist or other person who quotes the Bible frequently, especially as a means of exhortation or rebuke.
  • bophuthatswana — (formerly) a Bantu homeland in N South Africa: consisted of six separate areas; declared independent by South Africa in 1977 although this was not internationally recognized; abolished in 1993. Capital: Mmabatho
  • chest-thumping — the act or practice of boasting.
  • dehumanization — to deprive of human qualities or attributes; divest of individuality: Conformity dehumanized him.
  • drag-parachute — Also called drogue. a small parachute that deploys first in order to pull a larger parachute from its pack.

15 letter words containing hu

  • anti-humanistic — a person having a strong interest in or concern for human welfare, values, and dignity.
  • anti-malthusian — of or relating to the theories of T. R. Malthus, which state that population tends to increase faster, at a geometrical ratio, than the means of subsistence, which increases at an arithmetical ratio, and that this will result in an inadequate supply of the goods supporting life unless war, famine, or disease reduces the population or the increase of population is checked.
  • austria-hungary — the Dual Monarchy established in 1867, consisting of what are now Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and parts of Poland, Romania, Ukraine, and Italy. The empire was broken up after World War I
  • church-calendar — a calendar based on the lunisolar cycle, used by many Christian churches in determining the dates for the movable feasts.
  • churrigueresque — of or relating to a style of baroque architecture of Spain in the late 17th and early 18th centuries

16 letter words containing hu

  • austro-hungarian — of or relating to the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary (1867–1918)
  • huyton-with-roby — an urban district in Merseyside, NW England, E of Liverpool.
  • malchus-porphyry — (Malchus) a.d. c233–c304, Greek philosopher.
  • overenthusiastic — full of or characterized by enthusiasm; ardent: He seems very enthusiastic about his role in the play.
  • self-humiliation — an act or instance of humiliating or being humiliated.

17 letter words containing hu

  • anti-humanitarian — having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.
  • blood-and-thunder — sensationalism, violence, or exaggerated melodrama: a movie full of blood and thunder.
  • classical-nahuatl — a member of a Nahuatl-speaking state in central Mexico that was conquered by Cortés in 1521.
  • gustavus-adolphus — (Gustavus Adolphus) 1778–1837, king of Sweden 1792–1809 (son of Gustavus III).
  • hundred-percenter — a completely patriotic, sometimes jingoistic person.

18 letter words containing hu

21 letter words containing hu

  • humuhumunukunukuapuaa — either of two triggerfishes, especially Rhinecantus aculeatus, of Indo-Pacific coral reefs.

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