Words containing haem

4 letter words containing haem

  • haem — The component of haemoglobin responsible for binding oxygen, consists of an iron ion that binds oxygen and a porphyrin ring that binds the globin molecules; one molecule binds one molecule of oxygen.

5 letter words containing haem

  • haemo — (informal) haemodialysis.

6 letter words containing haem

  • haemal — Pertaining to the blood or blood vessels.
  • haemin — Alternative spelling of hemin.
  • haemo- — denoting blood

7 letter words containing haem

  • -haemia — -emia
  • haemony — a plant with paranormal qualities referred to by Milton

8 letter words containing haem

  • haematic — relating to, acting on, having the colour of, or containing blood
  • haematin — Alternative spelling of hematin.
  • haemato- — indicating blood

9 letter words containing haem

  • cachaemia — a poisoned condition of the blood
  • cachaemic — of or relating to cachaemia
  • haematein — a dark purple water-insoluble crystalline substance obtained from logwood and used as an indicator and biological stain. Formula: C16H12O6
  • haematite — (chiefly UK) alternative spelling of hematite.
  • haematoid — resembling blood

10 letter words containing haem

  • achaemenes — flourished 7th century b.c, Persian king: traditional founder of the Achaemenid dynasty.
  • achaemenid — any member of a Persian dynasty of kings, including Cyrus the Great, that ruled from about 550 to 331 bc, when Darius III was overthrown by Alexander the Great
  • haemagogue — promoting the flow of blood
  • haematinic — Alternative form of hematinic.
  • haematomas — Plural form of haematoma.

11 letter words containing haem

  • achaemenian — of or relating to the Achaemenids or their language, as recorded in cuneiform inscriptions.
  • haemachrome — Hematin.
  • haemangioma — Alternative spelling of hemangioma.
  • haematocele — Alternative spelling of hematocele.
  • haematocrit — Alternative spelling of hematocrit.

12 letter words containing haem

13 letter words containing haem

14 letter words containing haem

15 letter words containing haem

  • haemagglutinate — to cause the clumping of red blood cells in (a blood sample)
  • haematachometer — (dated) An apparatus for measuring the velocity of the blood.
  • haemoflagellate — a flagellate protozoan, such as a trypanosome, that is parasitic in the blood
  • haemoglobinuria — the presence of haemoglobin in the urine
  • haemoglobinuric — relating to the presence of haemoglobin in the urine

16 letter words containing haem

17 letter words containing haem

18 letter words containing haem

  • carboxyhaemoglobin — haemoglobin coordinated with carbon monoxide, formed as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. As carbon monoxide is bound in preference to oxygen, tissues are deprived of oxygen

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