Words containing ger

3 letter words containing ger

  • ger — A yurt.

4 letter words containing ger

  • ager — anything that produces the effects of age on another thing
  • eger — German name of Ohře.
  • ger. — gerund
  • gera — a city in E central Germany.
  • gerb — A firework that produces a fountain of sparks.

5 letter words containing ger

  • aeger — (dated, British school slang) Absent and excused from one\u2019s classes due to illness.
  • agers — Plural form of ager.
  • agger — an earthwork or mound forming a rampart, esp in a Roman military camp
  • alger — Horatio. 1834–99, US author of adventure stories for boys, including Ragged Dick (1867)
  • anger — Anger is the strong emotion that you feel when you think that someone has behaved in an unfair, cruel, or unacceptable way.

6 letter words containing ger

  • aggers — aggressive
  • angers — a city in W France, on the River Maine. Pop: 156 965 (2006)
  • augers — Plural form of auger.
  • badger — A badger is a wild animal which has a white head with two wide black stripes on it. Badgers live underground and usually come up to feed at night.
  • bagger — A bagger is a person whose job is to put customers' purchases into bags at a supermarket or other store.

7 letter words containing ger

  • algeria — a republic in NW Africa, on the Mediterranean: became independent in 1962, after more than a century of French rule; one-party constitution adopted in 1976; religious extremists led a campaign of violence from 1988 until 2000; consists chiefly of the N Sahara, with the Atlas Mountains in the north, and contains rich deposits of oil and natural gas. Official languages: Arabic and Berber; French also widely spoken. Religion: Muslim. Currency: dinar. Capital: Algiers. Pop: 38 087 812 (2013 est). Area: about 2 382 800 sq km (920 000 sq miles)
  • alleger — a person who alleges
  • alnager — an inspector of the quality and measurement of woollen cloth
  • angered — a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire.
  • angerly — angrily

8 letter words containing ger

  • abridger — One who abridges. (First attested in the mid 16th century.).
  • agerasia — An outward appearance more youthful than one's true age.
  • ageratum — any tropical American plant of the genus Ageratum, such as A. houstonianum and A. conyzoides, which have thick clusters of purplish-blue flowers
  • aggerate — (transitive) To heap up.
  • algerian — Algerian means belonging or relating to Algeria, or its people or culture.

9 letter words containing ger

  • ahungered — very hungry.
  • angerless — showing no sign of anger
  • arrangers — Plural form of arranger.
  • astringer — a styptic or constrictive substance
  • badgering — any of various burrowing, carnivorous mammals of the family Mustelidae, as Taxidea taxus, of North America, and Meles meles, of Europe and Asia.

10 letter words containing ger

  • aggeration — A heaping up; accumulation.
  • algerienne — a brightly striped woolen fabric used for tents, awnings, curtains, etc.
  • antifogger — an antifoggant.
  • arbitrager — In finance, an arbitrager is someone who buys currencies, securities, or commodities on one country's market in order to make money by immediately selling them at a profit on another country's market.
  • armigerous — of, having, or entitled to have a coat of arms

11 letter words containing ger

  • astrologers — Plural form of astrologer.
  • autochanger — a device in a record player or CD player that enables a small stack of records or CDs to be dropped automatically onto the turntable or player tray one at a time and played separately
  • baconburger — a hamburger topped with strips of cooked bacon.
  • beefburgers — Plural form of beefburger.
  • belligerati — intellectuals, such as writers, who advocate war or imperialism

12 letter words containing ger

  • acknowledger — to admit to be real or true; recognize the existence, truth, or fact of: to acknowledge one's mistakes.
  • autochangers — Plural form of autochanger.
  • badger-skunk — Also called badger skunk, rooter skunk. a large, naked-muzzled skunk, Conepatus mesoleucus, common in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, having a black coat with one broad white stripe down the back and tail.
  • balladmonger — (formerly) a seller of ballads, esp on broadsheets
  • barcalounger — a type of reclinable armchair with an extendable footrest

13 letter words containing ger

  • actor-manager — a leading actor who produces and usually stars in his or her own productions: Sir Henry Irving was one of the first actor-managers.
  • belligerently — aggressively
  • butterfingers — a person who drops things inadvertently or fails to catch things
  • carpetbaggers — U.S. History. a Northerner who went to the South after the Civil War and became active in Republican politics, especially so as to profiteer from the unsettled social and political conditions of the area during Reconstruction.
  • cheeseburgers — Plural form of cheeseburger.

14 letter words containing ger

  • auger-electron — a nonradiative process in which an atom in an excited state undergoes a transition to a lower state by the emission of a bound electron (Auger electron) rather than by the emission of an x-ray.
  • braunschweiger — a smoked liver sausage, named after the city of Braunschweig
  • butterfingered — a person who frequently drops things; clumsy person.
  • celto-germanic — having the characteristics of both the Celtic and Germanic peoples.
  • cobelligerents — Plural form of cobelligerent.

15 letter words containing ger

  • butter-fingered — a person who frequently drops things; clumsy person.
  • finger-pointing — the imputation of blame or responsibility.
  • noli-me-tangere — a person or thing that must not be touched or interfered with.
  • nonbelligerency — the state or status of not participating in a war.
  • oehlenschläger — Adam Gottlob (ˈadam ˈɡɔtlɔp). 1779–1850, Danish romantic poet and dramatist

16 letter words containing ger

  • cloak-and-dagger — A cloak-and-dagger activity is one which involves mystery and secrecy.
  • gerontomorphosis — Biology. evolutionary specialization of a species to a degree that decreases its capability for further adaptation and eventually leads to its extinction.
  • larger-than-life — exceedingly imposing, impressive, or memorable, especially in appearance or forcefulness: a larger-than-life leader.
  • psychogeriatrics — the psychology of old age.
  • quasi-managerial — pertaining to management or a manager: managerial functions; the managerial class of society.

17 letter words containing ger

19 letter words containing ger

  • harbinger-of-spring — a North American umbelliferous herb, Erigenia bulbosa, having white flowers that bloom early in the spring.
  • st.-germain-en-laye — a city in N France, near Paris: royal château and forest; treaties 1570, 1632, 1679, 1919.

20 letter words containing ger

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