Words containing gamous

7 letter words containing gamous

  • -gamous — denoting marrying or uniting sexually
  • agamous — agamic

8 letter words containing gamous

  • bigamous — A bigamous marriage is one in which one of the partners is already legally married to someone else.
  • oogamous — one of a pair of structurally dissimilar gametes, the female gamete being large and nonmotile and the male gamete being small and motile.

9 letter words containing gamous

  • exogamous — (biology, marriage) Of or relating to exogamy.
  • isogamous — having two similar gametes in which no differentiation can be distinguished, or reproducing by the union of such gametes (opposed to heterogamous).
  • trigamous — of or relating to trigamy or a trigamist.
  • zoogamous — of or relating to zoogamy

10 letter words containing gamous

  • allogamous — cross-fertilization in plants (opposed to autogamy).
  • autogamous — Botany. pollination of the ovules of a flower by its own pollen; self-fertilization (opposed to allogamy).
  • endogamous — (of a marriage) Within a social group. The practice of endogamy.
  • hologamous — of or relating to an organism having reproductive cells similar in size and structure to the somatic cells.
  • homogamous — Botany. having flowers or florets that do not differ sexually (opposed to heterogamous). having the stamens and pistils maturing simultaneously (opposed to dichogamous).

11 letter words containing gamous

  • anisogamous — reproducing by the fusion of dissimilar gametes or individuals, usually differing in size.
  • apogamously — in an apogamous manner
  • dichogamous — having the stamens and pistils maturing at different times, thereby preventing self-pollination, as a monoclinous flower (opposed to homogamous).
  • hercogamous — (of flowers) incapable of self-fertilization

12 letter words containing gamous

  • chasmogamous — pertaining to or having pollination occur in a fully opened flower.
  • cryptogamous — Of or pertaining to the cryptogams.
  • heterogamous — Genetics. having unlike gametes, or reproducing by the union of such gametes (opposed to isogamous).
  • monogamously — In a monogamous manner.

13 letter words containing gamous

  • cleistogamous — having small, unopened, self-pollinating flowers, usually in addition to the showier flowers
  • geitonogamous — of or relating to geitonogamy
  • nonmonogamous — having more than one sexual or marital partner

14 letter words containing gamous

15 letter words containing gamous

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