Words containing gabe

4 letter words containing gabe

  • gabe — a male given name, form of Gabriel.

5 letter words containing gabe

  • gabel — (UK, legal, obsolete) A rent, service, tribute, custom, tax, impost, or duty; an excise.
  • gabesGulf of, a gulf of the Mediterranean on the E coast of Tunisia.

6 letter words containing gabe

  • gabels — Plural form of gabel.
  • mugabe — Robert (Gabriel) born 1924, Zimbabwean political leader: prime minister 1980–87; president since 1987.

7 letter words containing gabe

  • aufgabe — a task or an assignment
  • gabelle — a tax; excise.
  • wagabee — a woman who aspires to be the wife or girlfriend of a famous sportsman

8 letter words containing gabe

  • gabeller — a person who collected the gabelle; a tax-collector
  • mangabey — any of several slender, long-tailed monkeys of the genus Cercocebus, inhabiting forests of Africa: some species are endangered.
  • sgabello — a side chair of the Renaissance, consisting of a small seat, usually octagonal, often resting on a cubical part and supported either on two carved planks set transversely on edge or on three legs, with a back formed from a carved plank.
  • slugabed — a lazy person who stays in bed long after the usual time for arising.

9 letter words containing gabe

  • gaberdine — Also, gabardine. a long, loose coat or frock for men, worn in the Middle Ages, especially by Jews.
  • gaberones — former name of Gaborone.
  • mangabeys — Plural form of mangabey.

10 letter words containing gabe

11 letter words containing gabe

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