Words containing gaba

4 letter words containing gaba

  • gaba — a neurotransmitter of the central nervous system that inhibits excitatory responses.

5 letter words containing gaba

  • gabar — an Iranian Zoroastrian.

6 letter words containing gaba

7 letter words containing gaba

  • megabar — A unit of pressure equal to one million bars.
  • megabat — Any of the bats in the suborder Megachiroptera consisting of one family, Pteropodidae; a fruit bat.

8 letter words containing gaba

  • ashgabat — capital of Turkmenistan, in the SC part, near the Iranian border: pop. 411,000
  • megaband — (music, informal) A particularly successful band.
  • megabase — A length of double-stranded DNA containing two million nucleotides, one million on each strand.

9 letter words containing gaba

  • gabaonite — Gibeonite.
  • gabardine — Also, gaberdine. a firm, tightly woven fabric of worsted, cotton, polyester, or other fiber, with a twill weave.
  • megabases — Plural form of megabase.

10 letter words containing gaba

  • aurangabad — city in central Maharashtra, W India: pop. 573,000
  • elagabalus — (born Varius Avitus Bassianus) a.d. 205?-222; Rom. emperor (218-222)
  • gabapentin — (medicine) A medication, originally used for the treatment of epilepsy but now used to relieve pain.
  • gabardines — Plural form of gabardine.

12 letter words containing gaba

  • heliogabalus — (Varius Avitus Bassianus"Marcus Aurelius Antoninus") a.d. 204–222, Roman emperor 218–222.

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