Words containing fle

4 letter words containing fle

  • flea — any of numerous small, wingless bloodsucking insects of the order Siphonaptera, parasitic upon mammals and birds and noted for their ability to leap.
  • fled — simple past tense and past participle of flee.
  • flee — to run away, as from danger or pursuers; take flight.
  • fleg — a scare; a fright
  • flem — of or relating to Flanders, its people, or their language.

5 letter words containing fle

  • aflex — (tool)   A Lex-like scanner generator that produce Ada output from IRUS (Irvine Research Unit in Software). aflex comes with ayacc. Version 1.2a. Mailing list: <[email protected]>.
  • fleak — A flake; a thread or twist.
  • fleam — Surgery. a kind of lancet, as for opening veins.
  • fleas — Plural form of flea.
  • fleck — a speck; a small bit: a fleck of dirt.

6 letter words containing fle

  • baffle — If something baffles you, you cannot understand it or explain it.
  • beflea — to infest with fleas
  • biflex — bent or flexed in two places
  • coffle — (esp formerly) a line of slaves, beasts, etc, fastened together
  • cuffle — to scuffle

7 letter words containing fle

  • baffled — lacking in understanding
  • baffler — Something that causes one to be baffled, particularly a difficult puzzle or riddle.
  • baffles — Plural form of baffle.
  • befleck — to fleck all over
  • chifley — Joseph Benedict. 1885–1951, Australian statesman; prime minister of Australia (1945–49)

8 letter words containing fle

  • -flecked — having flecks of the specified substance or colour on or in it
  • beefless — not containing beef, without beef
  • bemuffle — to muffle, wrap up warmly
  • benfleet — a town in SE England, in S Essex on an inlet of the Thames estuary. Pop: 48 539 (2001)
  • calfless — (of a cow) having no calves

9 letter words containing fle

  • areflexia — (pathology) Lack of neuromuscular reflexes. A symptom associated with many neurological disorders.
  • areflexic — Lb pathology Exhibiting, or relating to, areflexia.
  • bafflegab — deliberately obscure language employed in official documents
  • briefless — (said of a barrister) without clients
  • camouflet — a type of bomb that is used during a siege to collapse an enemy's tunnel

10 letter words containing fle

  • -inflected — -inflected is used to form adjectives describing someone's voice or accent.
  • bafflement — Bafflement is the state of being baffled.
  • beliefless — having no faith or belief
  • bufflehead — a small North American diving duck, Bucephala (or Glaucionetta) albeola: the male has black-and-white plumage and a fluffy head
  • camoufleur — a person who camouflages military equipment

11 letter words containing fle

12 letter words containing fle

13 letter words containing fle

  • antireflexive — noting a relation in which no element is in relation to itself, as “less than.”.
  • circumflexing — Present participle of circumflex.
  • circumflexion — The act of bending, or causing to assume a curved form.
  • deflectometer — An instrument that measures the deflection of structures when loads are applied.
  • flesh-colored — Something that is flesh-colored is yellowish pink in color.

14 letter words containing fle

  • antireflective — treated in some way to prevent reflection
  • flesh-coloured — Something that is flesh-coloured is yellowish pink in colour.
  • heteroflexible — (of a person) predominantly heterosexual but not exclusively so
  • inflectionless — Without inflection.
  • inflexibleness — The quality or state of being inflexible; inflexibility; rigidity; firmness.

15 letter words containing fle

  • interreflection — The illumination of an object by reflected light from other objects that are not light sources.
  • non-flexibility — capable of being bent, usually without breaking; easily bent: a flexible ruler.
  • noninflectional — not inflectional
  • reflexivization — to make (a verb or pronoun) reflexive.
  • retroreflection — of or relating to a surface, material, or device (retroreflector) that reflects light or other radiation back to its source; reflective.

16 letter words containing fle

  • hyperflexibility — capable of being bent, usually without breaking; easily bent: a flexible ruler.

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