Words containing fil

3 letter words containing fil

  • fil — fils.

4 letter words containing fil

  • fila — a threadlike structure; filament.
  • file — a powder made from the ground leaves of the sassafras tree, used as a thickener and to impart a pungent taste to soups, gumbos, and other dishes.
  • filk — Lb music About or inspired by science fiction, fantasy, horror, science, and/or subjects of interest to fans of speculative fiction; frequently, being a song whose lyrics have been altered to refer to science fiction; parodying. (However, much filk music is original rather than parodic.).
  • fill — to make full; put as much as can be held into: to fill a jar with water.
  • film — a thin layer or coating: a film of grease on a plate.

5 letter words containing fil

  • filar — of or relating to a thread or threads.
  • filch — to steal (especially something of small value); pilfer: to filch ashtrays from fancy restaurants.
  • filed — Simple past tense and past participle of file.
  • filer — a long, narrow tool of steel or other metal having a series of ridges or points on its surfaces for reducing or smoothing surfaces of metal, wood, etc.
  • files — Plural form of file.

6 letter words containing fil

  • cafila — A caravan of travellers or supplies.
  • defile — To defile something that people think is important or holy means to do something to it or say something about it which is offensive.
  • filate — threadlike.
  • fileneEdward Albert, 1860–1937, U.S. retail merchant.
  • filers — Plural form of filer.

7 letter words containing fil

  • -filled — filled with the specified object
  • bifilar — having two parallel threads, as in the suspension of certain measuring instruments
  • biofilm — a thin layer of living organisms
  • caffila — a caravan train
  • cafileh — Alternative form of cafila.

8 letter words containing fil

  • autofill — (computing) Any software feature that fills in (fields of a form, cells of a spreadsheet, etc.) automatically.
  • backfile — the archives of a newspaper or magazine
  • backfill — to refill an excavated trench, esp (in archaeology) at the end of an investigation
  • bandfile — to file with a file band on a band mill or band saw.
  • defilade — protection provided by obstacles against enemy crossfire from the rear, or observation

9 letter words containing fil

  • affiliate — An affiliate is an organization which is officially connected with another, larger organization or is a member of it.
  • alfilaria — a geraniaceous plant, Erodium cicutarium, native to Europe, with finely divided leaves and small pink or purplish flowers. It is widely naturalized in North America and is used as fodder
  • alfileria — Alt form alfilaria.
  • backfiles — Plural form of backfile.
  • backfills — Plural form of backfill.

10 letter words containing fil

  • affiliable — having the ability to be attributed to
  • affiliated — If an organization is affiliated with another larger organization, it is officially connected with the larger organization or is a member of it.
  • affiliates — Plural form of affiliate.
  • backfilled — Simple past tense and past participle of backfill.
  • bibliofilm — a microfilm used especially in libraries to photograph the pages of valuable or much-used books.

11 letter words containing fil

  • affiliating — Present participle of affiliate.
  • affiliation — If one group has an affiliation with another group, it has a close or official connection with it.
  • affiliative — to bring into close association or connection: The research center is affiliated with the university.
  • alfilerilla — Alt form alfilaria.
  • backfilling — material used for refilling an excavation.

12 letter words containing fil

  • affiliations — Plural form of affiliation.
  • disaffiliate — to sever affiliation with; disassociate: He disaffiliated himself from the political group he had once led.
  • exfiltration — (military) The process of exiting an area (usually behind enemy lines or in enemy territory).
  • file-sharing — File-sharing is a method of distributing computer files, for example files containing music, among a large number of users.
  • filibustered — Simple past tense and past participle of filibuster.

13 letter words containing fil

  • blood-profile — a diagnostic test that determines the exact numbers of each type of blood cell in a fixed quantity of blood. Abbreviation: CBC.
  • disaffiliated — Simple past tense and past participle of disaffiliate.
  • filamentation — The growth of filaments.
  • filibustering — Present participle of filibuster.
  • filibusterism — (dated) Piracy, freebooting; the waging of unauthorised war.

14 letter words containing fil

  • antifilibuster — a person or method in opposition to filibustering
  • disaffiliation — The termination of an affiliation; the act of ceasing to be associated with something.
  • filiopietistic — of or relating to reverence of forebears or tradition, especially if carried to excess.
  • microfilaments — Plural form of microfilament.
  • nanofiltration — Pressure-driven filtration through a membrane that removes particles of about two nanometres or larger.

15 letter words containing fil

  • microfiltration — Filtration through a microporous membrane.
  • self-fulfilling — characterized by or bringing about self-fulfillment.
  • self-fulfilment — the act or fact of fulfilling one's ambitions, desires, etc., through one's own efforts.
  • ultrafiltration — Physical Chemistry. a filter for purifying sols, having a membrane with pores sufficiently small to prevent the passage of the suspended particles.
  • underfulfilling — falling short of satisfactory

16 letter words containing fil

  • gender-profiling — the use of personal characteristics or behavior patterns to make generalizations about a person, as in gender profiling.
  • self-fulfillment — the act or fact of fulfilling one's ambitions, desires, etc., through one's own efforts.

17 letter words containing fil

  • electrofiltration — Electrofiltration is a separation process in which an electric field is applied across a filter to improve separation.

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