Words containing figure

6 letter words containing figure

  • figure — a numerical symbol, especially an Arabic numeral.

7 letter words containing figure

  • -figure — -figure combines with a number, usually 'five', 'six', or 'seven', to form adjectives which say how many figures are in a number. These adjectives usually describe a large amount of money. For example, a six-figure sum is between 100,000 and 999,999.
  • figured — ornamented with a device or pattern: figured silk; figured wallpaper.
  • figures — Plural form of figure.

8 letter words containing figure

  • refigure — a numerical symbol, especially an Arabic numeral.

9 letter words containing figure

  • configure — If you configure a piece of computer equipment, you set it up so that it is ready for use.
  • disfigure — to mar the appearance or beauty of; deform; deface: Our old towns are increasingly disfigured by tasteless new buildings.
  • figuredly — in a figured manner
  • prefigure — to show or represent beforehand by a figure or type; foreshadow.
  • unfigured — not numbered

10 letter words containing figure

  • configured — Simple past tense and past participle of configure.
  • configures — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of configure.
  • disfigured — Simple past tense and past participle of disfigure.
  • figurehead — a person who is head of a group, company, etc., in title but actually has no real authority or responsibility: Most modern kings and queens are figureheads.
  • figurework — work with figures or numbers

11 letter words containing figure

  • figureheads — Plural form of figurehead.
  • reconfigure — to change the shape or formation of; remodel; restructure.
  • transfigure — to change in outward form or appearance; transform.

12 letter words containing figure

  • black-figure — pertaining to or designating a style of vase painting developed in Greece in the 7th and 6th centuries b.c., chiefly characterized by silhouetted figures painted in black slip on a red clay body, details incised into the design, and a two-dimensional structure of form and space.
  • figure-skate — to take part in figure skating
  • full-figured — (of a woman) having an amply proportioned or heavy body.
  • misconfigure — Configure (a system or part of it) incorrectly.

13 letter words containing figure

  • disfigurement — an act or instance of disfiguring.
  • double-figure — double-digit.
  • figure-ground — a property of perception in which there is a tendency to see parts of a visual field as solid, well-defined objects standing out against a less distinct background.
  • misconfigured — Simple past tense and past participle of misconfigure.
  • preconfigured — to design or adapt to form a specific configuration or for some specific purpose: The planes are being configured to hold more passengers in each row.

14 letter words containing figure

  • disfigurements — Plural form of disfigurement.
  • figure-hugging — Figure-hugging clothes fit very close to the body of the person who is wearing them. Figure-hugging is usually used to describe clothes worn by women.

16 letter words containing figure

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