Words containing fig

3 letter words containing fig

  • fig — dress or array: to appear at a party in full fig.

4 letter words containing fig

5 letter words containing fig

  • figgy — containing figs: a figgy cake.
  • fight — a battle or combat.

6 letter words containing fig

  • config — (computing, informal) configuration.
  • effigy — a representation or image, especially sculptured, as on a monument.
  • figger — figure.
  • fights — Plural form of fight.
  • figjam — a very conceited person

7 letter words containing fig

  • -figure — -figure combines with a number, usually 'five', 'six', or 'seven', to form adjectives which say how many figures are in a number. These adjectives usually describe a large amount of money. For example, a six-figure sum is between 100,000 and 999,999.
  • figgery — adornments of dress
  • figging — The insertion of ginger root into the anus, vagina or urethra, originally applied to horses as a form of deception as to the horse's condition and later used in BDSM practices.
  • fighted — (nonstandard) Simple past tense and past participle of fight.
  • fighter — a boxer; pugilist.

8 letter words containing fig

  • bunfight — a tea party
  • caprifig — a wild variety of fig, Ficus carica sylvestris, of S Europe and SW Asia, used in the caprification of the edible fig
  • catfight — A catfight is an angry fight or quarrel, especially between women.
  • dogfight — a violent fight between dogs.
  • effigies — Plural form of effigy.

9 letter words containing fig

  • bullfight — A bullfight is a public entertainment in which people fight and kill bulls. Bullfights take place in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.
  • caprifigs — Plural form of caprifig.
  • catfights — Plural form of catfight.
  • cockfight — a fight between two gamecocks fitted with sharp metal spurs
  • configure — If you configure a piece of computer equipment, you set it up so that it is ready for use.

10 letter words containing fig

  • cockfights — Plural form of cockfight.
  • config.sys — (operating system)   A text file containing special system configuration commands, found in the root directory on an MS-DOS computer, typically on drive C (the hard disk). It is read by MS-DOS at boot time, after the setup has been read from CMOS RAM and before running AUTOEXEC.BAT. It can be modified by the user. Some example commands which CONFIG.SYS might contain are: DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS /testmem:off Load the extended memory manager. DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE RAM Load the expanded memory manager. BUFFERS=10,0 Specify memory for disk buffers. FILES=70 Set the number of files that can be open at once. DOS=UMB DOS is located in UppeMemoryBlock. LASTDRIVE=Z Disk drives are A: to Z:. FCBS=16,0 Set the number of file control blocks. DEVICEHIGH /L:1,12048 =C:\DOS\SETVER.EXE Report the DOS version to older programs. DOS=HIGH DOS should maintain a link to UMB. COUNTRY=358,437 C:\DOS\COUNTRY.SYS Set the country code for some programs. STACKS=9,256 Set dynamic stacks for hardware control. SHELL=C:\DOS\COMMAND.COM C:\DOS\ /E:1024 /p Set the location of the command interpreter.
  • configured — Simple past tense and past participle of configure.
  • configures — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of configure.
  • disfigured — Simple past tense and past participle of disfigure.

11 letter words containing fig

  • bullfighter — A bullfighter is the person who tries to injure or kill the bull in a bullfight.
  • cockfighter — One who engages in a cockfight.
  • configurate — to shape or fashion
  • configuring — Present participle of configure.
  • disfiguring — Present participle of disfigure.

12 letter words containing fig

  • black-figure — pertaining to or designating a style of vase painting developed in Greece in the 7th and 6th centuries b.c., chiefly characterized by silhouetted figures painted in black slip on a red clay body, details incised into the design, and a two-dimensional structure of form and space.
  • bullfighting — Bullfighting is the public entertainment in which people try to kill bulls in bullfights.
  • bushfighting — fighting in the bush
  • cockfighting — The sport (illegal in certain countries) of setting two cocks to fight each other. Fighting cocks often have had their legs fitted with metal spurs.
  • configurable — to design or adapt to form a specific configuration or for some specific purpose: The planes are being configured to hold more passengers in each row.

13 letter words containing fig

  • configurating — to give a configuration, form, or design to.
  • configuration — A configuration is an arrangement of a group of things.
  • configurative — the relative disposition or arrangement of the parts or elements of a thing.
  • crime-fighter — any person, as a law-enforcement officer or government official, who works to prevent crime or to enforce criminal laws.
  • disfiguration — an act or instance of disfiguring.

14 letter words containing fig

  • configuraholic — (jargon)   A luser who twiddles with computer settings until it no longer works and must be fixed by the system administror.
  • configurations — Plural form of configuration.
  • disfigurements — Plural form of disfigurement.
  • fighter-bomber — an aircraft that combines the functions of a fighter and a bomber.
  • figurativeness — The property of being figurative.

15 letter words containing fig

  • configurability — The property of being configurable.
  • configurational — the relative disposition or arrangement of the parts or elements of a thing.
  • fight-or-flight — denoting instinctive response
  • reconfiguration — to change the shape or formation of; remodel; restructure.
  • semi-figurative — of the nature of or involving a figure of speech, especially a metaphor; metaphorical and not literal: The word “head” has several figurative senses, as in “She's the head of the company.”. Synonyms: metaphorical, not literal, symbolic.

16 letter words containing fig

17 letter words containing fig

  • browserconfig.xml — (web)   A Microsoft configuration file used to customise the appearance and behaviour of website links pinned to the Windows start screen or desktop taskbar. browserconfig.xml allows the site owner to specify things like badges and tile images.
  • configurationally — With regard to a configuration.
  • pre-configuration — the relative disposition or arrangement of the parts or elements of a thing.

19 letter words containing fig

  • fighter-interceptor — a fighter plane used for the defense of a region against air attack, especially by attacking bombers.

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