Words containing fes

3 letter words containing fes

  • fes — a city in N Morocco: formerly one of the traditional capitals of the sultanate in the former French zone.

4 letter words containing fes

  • fess — a teacher.
  • fest — an assembly of people engaged in a common activity (often used in combination): filmfest; gabfest; love-fest; poetry fest.

5 letter words containing fes

  • -fest — an occasion of much or many (of the thing specified)
  • cafes — Plural form of cafe.
  • feses — a city in N Morocco: formerly one of the traditional capitals of the sultanate in the former French zone.
  • fesse — an ordinary in the form of a broad horizontal band across the middle of an escutcheon.
  • festa — a feast, festival, or holiday.

6 letter words containing fes

  • chafes — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of chafe.
  • fescue — Also called fescue grass. any grass of the genus Festuca, some species of which are cultivated for pasture or lawns.
  • fessed — Simple past tense and past participle of fess.
  • fesses — a teacher.
  • fessor — a teacher.

7 letter words containing fes

  • carafes — Plural form of carafe.
  • confess — If someone confesses to doing something wrong, they admit that they did it.
  • confest — admitted
  • deafest — Superlative form of deaf.
  • fescued — Simple past tense and past participle of fescue.

8 letter words containing fes

  • beerfest — a beer festival
  • briefest — lasting or taking a short time; of short duration: a brief walk; a brief stay in the country.
  • cafestol — A diterpene molecule present in coffee.
  • chatfest — (informal) A talkfest.
  • chiefess — a chief who is female

9 letter words containing fes

  • bitchfest — a malicious and spiteful discussion of people, events, etc
  • confessed — You use confessed to describe someone who openly admits that they have a particular fault or have done something wrong.
  • confesser — Alternative form of confessor.
  • confesses — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of confess.
  • confessio — (legal) A confession; A defense of one's faith, or a confession of guilt.

10 letter words containing fes

  • confessant — a person who makes a confession
  • confessing — Present participle of confess.
  • confession — A confession is a signed statement by someone in which they admit that they have committed a particular crime.
  • confessors — Plural form of confessor.
  • disprofess — to renounce the profession of

11 letter words containing fes

  • confessable — That can be confessed.
  • confessants — Plural form of confessant.
  • confessedly — by admission or confession; avowedly
  • confessions — acknowledgment; avowal; admission: a confession of incompetence.
  • disinfested — Simple past tense and past participle of disinfest.

12 letter words containing fes

  • confessional — A confessional is the small room in a church where Christians, especially Roman Catholics, go to confess their sins.
  • confessoress — a woman who hears or makes confessions
  • disinfestant — a product used to remove infestation
  • festivalgoer — A person attending a festival.
  • festschrifts — Plural form of festschrift.

13 letter words containing fes

14 letter words containing fes

  • confessionally — in a confessional manner
  • disinfestation — The act or process of disinfesting.
  • manifestations — An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, esp. a theory or an abstract idea.
  • professionally — following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain: a professional builder.
  • self-confessed — openly admitting to being a type of person with a particular quality, habit, character, etc.: He's a self-confessed gambler.

15 letter words containing fes

  • confessionalism — the belief that a religion, esp Christianity, should have a set of essential doctrines to which members of that religion must adhere
  • confessionalist — an advocate of confessionalism
  • nonprofessional — not a member of or trained in a specific profession.
  • nonprofessorial — not professorial
  • preprofessional — of or relating to the time preceding one's concentrated study or practice of a profession: preprofessional training.

16 letter words containing fes

  • nonprofessionals — Plural form of nonprofessional.
  • paraprofessional — a person trained to assist a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or other professional, but not licensed to practice in the profession.
  • professionalisms — professional character, spirit, or methods.
  • semiprofessional — actively engaged in some field or sport for pay but on a part-time basis: semiprofessional baseball players.

17 letter words containing fes

18 letter words containing fes

19 letter words containing fes

  • professionalization — to give a professional character or status to; make into or establish as a profession.
  • pseudo-professional — following an occupation as a means of livelihood or for gain: a professional builder.

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